What’s Going on Here?

Repost from HighImpactTV @Odysee Admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery. “Interesting to see @KatyTurNBC having a bit of introspection here. It’s unreal that every single member of the corporate press isn’t confronting this reality.” ~@ComicDaveSmith


Lousy, Inaccurate Reporting from Mainstream Media on Radiation

(NaturalNews) I’ve seen a lot of lousy, inaccurate reporting from the mainstream media over the years, but some of the reporting we’re seeing now on the Fukushima catastrophe is just astonishing in its ignorance of basic physics. Today, the Boston Globe published a story containing this whopper: “Nuclear safety spokesman Hidehiko Nishiyama says the air…

Hip-Pocket Politics: How To Become A Tack

Gary North’s Reality Check “If you are in the hip pocket of any political party, prepare to be sat on.” – Gary North https://youtu.be/q9GMe5RkRNk Political victory in the United States is best defined as follows: Getting your political agenda enacted into law, enforced by the Executive branch,¬†and upheld by the courts. A definition of political…