Ocean Noise: Secret to a Sound Ocean

DISALLOW seismic airgun testing off our coasts! Voices of coastal communities and marine life are being silenced!

Oceana Seismic Airgun Testing Infographic PDF

Sound is as important to whales as vision is to humans. Our scientific research (with Chris Clark and Dimitri Ponirakis at Cornell University’s Bioacoustics Research Program) is measuring how noisy or quiet important habitats are to fin, humpback and killer whales in British Columbia, Canada, and how we think that is affecting the whales’ ability to find food and each other. Joel Bellucci helped us turn our science into some nice 3D animations. Our friend, Douglas Coupland, narrates this gentle introduction to whales & ocean noise. We hope it gives you a overview of our work, and why underwater noise is worth worrying about.

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Don’t Drill NC – Not The Answer

“This is one of the biggest stories in America and no one is telling it.” -Shane Smith

Shane Smith visits the Gulf Coast of Louisiana where residents report that they’re still suffering from the effects of oil and dispersants four years after the Deepwater Horizon spill. This is his debrief from Season 2 Episode 9 of VICE on HBO. Find VICE on HBO on Facebook:

Call Governor McCrory’s office at 919-814-2000 and tell him not to risk our proven, more profitable coastal tourism industry in a risky chase for offshore petroleum.Then call your state senator & representative (who represents me?) – and do the same. Then call the White House at 202-456-1111 and ask President Obama to rescind all lease sales for Offshore Drilling off the East Coast.

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Governor Pat McCrory Is Hiding The Truth About Fracking

‘Slickwater horizontal Fracking’ NOT 60 years old !

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Water and natural landscapes are the epicenter of North Carolina’s booming tourism and recreation economy. In 2013, domestic tourists spent a record $20.2 billion in the state, up from $19.4 billion in 2012.

If North Carolina’s proposed regulations are implemented, some of the state’s most visited areas will be industrialized and public health may be compromised. According to Carolina Public Press, companies may start conducting tests for fracking in Western North Carolina as soon as September.

Mining 7 Energy Commission Public Hearing Schedule


After ten years of slickwater, horizontal, hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in Pennsylvania, where tourism is also a major economy, a lot of lessons have been learned at a price the public and elected leaders are just now beginning to understand.

For example, in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Chesapeake Energy had to perform 23 cement squeezes on gas wells in a roughly 28-mile area where well casing failures led to water contamination.

Triple Divide recently finished a five-screening tour through North Carolina as part of a national tour to states where fracking is being proposed thanks to Investigative News Network and Knight Foundation (no newspapers published press releases sent to them about the screenings either).  

The proposed Carolina regulations also allow for state preemption of local laws that attempt to limit or outright prohibit fracking within a community. A similar law was passed in Pennsylvania, but was declared “unconstitutional” in the state Supreme Court. Already, counties and towns in North Carolina are passing local laws banning fracking anyway, in defiance of the state and in honor of a community’s right to self-govern. Carolina’s proposed regulations outline an undemocratic approach to land management, opting for “big government” control over communities’ interests.
In North Carolina, legislators have the opportunity to investigate the data on water contamination and other impacts to land, property, and life in Pennsylvania. Article Continues…


North Carolina To Lift Fracking Ban And Criminalize The Disclosure Of Fracking Chemicals
The law signed by McCrory makes the “unlawful disclosure” of the chemical brew that’s injected into the ground to unlock stores of natural gas a misdemeanor. That’s a downgrade in severity from a previous version of the bill, which would have made it a felony to disclose the chemical mix, which is regarded by several states as a trade secret.

Fracking Disclosures Erased From Website, Group Says
“Companies that inject diesel without permits should be fined for ignoring the law,” Mary Greene, the group’s managing attorney who wrote the report, said in a statement. “The public deserves more disclosure and transparency about the toxic chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.”

Hormone-disrupting activity of fracking chemicals worse than initially found
“Among the chemicals that the fracking industry has reported using most often, all 24 that we have tested block the activity of one or more important hormone receptors,” said the study’s presenting author, Christopher Kassotis, a PhD student at the University of Missouri, Columbia. “The high levels of hormone disruption by endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that we measured, have been associated with many poor health outcomes, such as infertility, cancer and birth defects.”

Will the Tea Party Impeach Governor Pat McCrory
Surprisingly, the Tea Party and legislative Republicans don’t seem in the slightest fazed by the Governor’s assertion of executive muscle—there’s not a single searchable peep expressing concern over McCrory’s announcement that he would act even if his legislature did not.

Fracking Truth: Benefits Only a Few While Putting Many at Risk
Rev. Anthony J. Davis demands that Governor McCrory and the North Carolina Legislature tell the people the truth about fracking.

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