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What the Frack?

Dr. Susan Nagel, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology and women’s health at the University of Missouri, explores the link and cracks open the issues behind the use of endocrine disruptors in hydraulic fracturing. You can join the “#FrackFreeNC” campaign to raise awareness about this major water quality and health issue by visiting Twitter or Facebook….

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Governor Pat McCrory Is Hiding The Truth About Fracking

Summary Repost  from Water and natural landscapes are the epicenter of North Carolina’s booming tourism and recreation economy. In 2013, domestic tourists spent a record $20.2 billion in the state, up from $19.4 billion in 2012. If North Carolina’s proposed regulations are implemented, some of the state’s most visited areas will be industrialized and public…

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Corporate Government Fraud Hides Trillions – The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

I am literally disgusted with latest antics of our North Carolina representative Gov. Pat McCrory. He has the gaul to brag about North Carolina’s unemployment insurance debt decrease, ironically, after he signed into law a bill that clears the way to frack and poison North Carolina.  (Gov. McCrory signs NC fracking gas drilling bill) Therefore,…