A “Shadow Government” Will Infiltrate Your Cabinet! Dr. Ron Paul appeared in an RT interview speaking about Donald Trump’s election. He made some curious statements about “neocons” and an infiltration by a “shadow government,” and her warned Trump about placing neoconservatives in his cabinet. Trump is currently considering neocons for at least 5 of his […]

Ron Paul: Foreign Policy & Israel

  ‘Why Are We Sending $38 Billion to Rich and Powerful Israel?’ – my latest column: — Ron Paul (@RonPaul) September 19, 2016 Originally published December 8, 2011 RON PAUL: ISRAEL “OUR BEST FRIEND” There is far more discussion of the pros and cons of current American foreign policy toward Israel in Israel than there […]

Money Power Change Agent, Ron Paul

This Whole Libertarian Thing Is So 2013…… A little reminder of the Ron Paul issue. He leaves a huge vacuum after dominating the 2008 and especially the 2012 agenda. There is nobody out there to fill it, but a real populist candidate would find it there for the taking. READ MORE…

Ron Paul Money VS Sound Money

Oct 15, 2013 Brother Nathanael Related: Why Illuminati Bankers Create False Opposition Read this to understand why Joseph McCarthy, the John Birch Society & Alex Jones are false opposition. The two arms of the capitalist central banking cartel are organized Jewry and Freemasonry. The purpose of false opposition to take the focus off of them. […]

Ron Paul Investigations Video Playlist

The Ron & Rand Paul Betrayal Libertarianism is controlled opposition, part of the phony Illuminati dialectic. Readers of this website are not surprised by the news the Pauls are endorsing Mitt Romney. Ron Paul exists to lead the opposition into a blind alley. He doesn’t run as an independent, which he would, were he for […]

Taking names for Ron Paul at a Gun Show

Related Articles: Ron Paul Gun Control Ron Paul’s lifetime voting records on gun issues. Gun Owners of America – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia They have been described by Congressman Ron Paul as “The only 2008 Presidential candidate to gain an A+ rating from Gun Owners of America.” LIBERTEA RALLY for RON PAUL, featuring Adam Kokesh! […]

New Iowa Poll Places Ron Paul Firmly in First

Read full story at: Help spread the word about the new Iowa poll showing Ron Paul in 1st Place. Use this special share link: Make a secure contribution to the Revolution PAC to secure a Ron Paul victory at If you prefer to mail a check or money order please make it […]

Mark Levin and Jeffrey Lord are Officially Toast

Learn more about history from Thomas E. Woods – American historian, economist, political analyst, and New York Times-bestselling author: The Mark Levin / Tom Woods Debate on Presidential War Powers