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A “Shadow Government” Will Infiltrate Your Cabinet!

Dr. Ron Paul appeared in an RT interview speaking about Donald Trump’s election. He made some curious statements about “neocons” and an infiltration by a “shadow government,” and her warned Trump about placing neoconservatives in his cabinet. Trump is currently considering neocons for at least 5 of his cabinet positions. Many of them have links to Wall Street, specifically Goldman Sachs, and almost all of them are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, whose honorary chairman is David Rockefeller.

There is a great danger that a Trump cabinet could look very similar to the one selected by George W. Bush, and the one selected by Barack Obama. Both presidents selected several neoconservatives with clear agendas, the bridging together of world economies, political systems, of people groups, and the collapse of border walls, leaving in its place a world without borders, a world without nationalities. Global governance, global rule under a single ruler at the top, is the ambition. Nothing will keep them from achieving. The Council on Foreign Relations is a massive organization with thousands of members. There are visible rank-and-file, but there are many thousands more who support the agenda of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and other elite families.

Many, many American politicians have been invited as guests to the Council on Foreign Relations. For example, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton (4 times), Jeb Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and others have been guest speakers. The CFR is known for its hawkish positions on foreign policies in the United States and abroad, which might explain why pro-war presidential candidates like Christie, Rubio, Clinton, Bush, and Giuliani are regular speakers at CFR gatherings.

Some of the cabinet members that are known neocons/Council on Foreign Relations Members/Goldman Sachs Executives are the following:
1) John Bolton considered for Secretary of State (CFR Member, Bush Cabinet Member)
2) Stephen J. Hadley considered for Defense Secretary (CFR Member)
3) Steven Mnuchin considered for Treasury Secretary (Goldman Sachs Executive)
4) Robert E. Grady considered for Interior Secretary and Energy Secretary (CFR Member)
5) Lewis M. Eisenberg considered for Commerce Secretary (Goldman Sachs Executive)
6) James L. Connaughton considered for Energy Secretary (CFR Member)

Ron Paul’s states that neoconservatives were getting closer to Donald Trump and that we would have to wait to see who Trump selected for his cabinet. Ron Paul also states that he shared agreements with Donald Trump on the issue of diplomacy with Russia, but that he was concerned about his foreign policy with ISIS. Oftentimes, the American people select their candidate (Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama), but are later disappointed by the cabinet selection, which has been filled with neocons.

Ron Paul speaks about a shadow government that is more powerful then the one that is elected, and that most people don’t know much about the shadow government. They operate in secret, in stealth, to accomplish their agenda: a New World Order. We must pray against their agenda and work in the world.

The Lord is Jesus. You must be believe in Him to have everlasting life. He is the only Way; He is the only Truth; He is the only Life…

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