Warren Pollock – BRICS Hit a Brick Wall, as World War III Breaks Out

https://youtu.be/HmJNp_xgmC4 Multi-faceted analyst Warren Pollock says the 2016 election cycle is not the main thing to focus on. Pollock says:  “This thing is a bread and circus clown show. They are there to provide you with entertainment as the velocity of money goes down, as the BRICS hit a brick wall, and as the first…

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Deception Point: Exposing the False Association between Christianity and Precious Metals

https://youtu.be/CRXgK4MZJ7s Christianity is often associated with precious metal investments but these two concepts could not be any more dichotomous. Source: Contango Down John Piper – Why I abominate the prosperity gospel Related: Bill Still – Jekyll Island: The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve What’s the real problem with the world economy? It’s debt. Too much…

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