Tom Woods

Tom Woods Supports The Evisceration of What Was Once The Republic

Bitcoin Myth #1 – Bitcoins are Anonymous by Bitcoins Anonymous

Thomas E Woods– Deceiver, Enemy to the Constitution

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We could print enough debt free paper money to pay off the National Debt. This Debt is entirely credit based, for every debt free dollar we print, a credit based dollar would go out of circulation. Meaning: no inflation.

Nullification, Tom Woods Comments About Mainstream Media Controversy

The media unloaded on nullification and on me the other day, naturally trying to portray me as a sinister figure with bad intentions. Following a ludicrous summary of my career and views, the AP called me simply a “Kansas-based author,” not thinking it relevant, I guess, to mention that I have a Ph.D. in U.S. history from Columbia University. All people need to know is that I live in Kansas.

Idaho Democrats are accusing me (and, by extension, Thomas Jefferson) of “sedition.” Not the first time Jefferson has been accused of that. They also refer to the “shameful history” of nullification. Translation: we know nothing about the history of nullification except what we read in the Boston Globe. May I cite the 100 million people killed by centralized states in the 20th century, or the incarceration of the Japanese in America, as evidence of the “shameful history” of the state, such that anyone who defends that institution must thereby support mass murder?

The guy in this video is not the person they are trying to portray in the media, which is part of the reason I’ll be making more of them. Please spread it around. See Interview with a Zombie AND Nullification Free Chapter

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