Hillary’s #1 aide Huma Abedin

Hillary’s #1 aide Huma Abedin: Undeniable ties to terrorists & 9/11 funders (Watch before voting!) Credit: Video, script, animation & voice created by Leaked Uploads. Feedback/Contact: leakeduploads@gmail.com

How President Obama & Hillary Clinton Created I.S.I.S.

It seems to me there are too many good people who know the ‘real’ truth of what is going on and are willing to die for it. They are never going to be able to succeed in killing all of us. ~J Story http://agenda21radio.com/?p=18619 (NEVADA CITY, CA) Speaking at the third Liberty Tour, sponsored by […]

Can a President be Arrested?

…one person that has been specifically given the power within our government to arrest the president. The Senate Sergeant at Arms has the power to arrest anyone that violates Senate rules. The proof is in the following government website where it states: “The Sergeant at Arms is authorized to arrest and detain any person violating […]