Iran Deal (JCPoA): Russia & China Won’t Stop Israeli Retaliation

Video Source: TheRapeofJustice #JoelSkousen World Affairs Brief #Putin #NWO #LeftRightParadigm — Jana Murray (@janamurray) September 9, 2015 Joel Skousen – Greece, Iran & WW3 The Debate – Conclusion of Nuclear Negotiations (July 14th) US RE-THINKS ENSLAVEMENT TO ZIONISM — Scottie Spencer (@Smoloko123) July 16, 2015

Webster Tarpley Report: Romney Campaign, CIA Mormon Mafia

Romney Campaign, CIA Mormon Mafia, John Bolton’s Islamophobia Network Stir Middle East Chaos to Get October Surprise Against Obama; CIA’s Gitmo-Trained Asset Qumu Prime Suspect in Death of Ambassador Stevens. Source: Webster G. Tarpley September 16, 2012 [audio:|autostart=no] We are dealing with an ambitious international intelligence operation aimed at creating an October Surprise (a few […]

1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives Bubble, Toxic Assets

The Horrific Derivatives Bubble That Could One Day Destroy The Entire World Financial System Today there is a horrific derivatives bubble that threatens to destroy not only the U.S. economy but the entire world financial system as well, but unfortunately the vast majority of people do not understand it.  When you say the word “derivatives” […]