The 2024 Woke Truck

  • July 5, 2023

It is unlikely many workers will be able to afford a 2024 Chevy Silverado EV Work Truck, the price of which just went up by about $10,000 – to $52,000 – before the first one has even been sold.

That beats Ford – which at least sold its electric Lightning pick up for what it said it would – at first. It now sells for much more, of course – after several increases in price during its first 12 months of availability (the word market does not apply when it comes to EVs anymore than contribution does when it comes to paying Social Security taxes).

Anyhow, GM had promised its latest EV (which isn’t really, being a re-bodied version of the Hummer EV it has sold a couple dozen of so far) would sell for $42,000 to start – and that it would have a range of more than 400 miles. The latter will likely prove to be as truthful as GM’s promises about what the Woke truck  – for workers cannot afford a $52,000-plus truck – will actually cost.

In fact, it is safe to say with certainty that the promised range will turn out to be lie – because it is always a lie when it comes to EV range.

One preceded by a quibble.

Every EV comes standard with less range than is available – unless you spend thousands more to get the higher-capacity battery pack. But the available range is what’s often touted – without telling people what it will cost.

For example, the Ford Lightning – which is the electric truck rival of the Silverado EV – comes standard with a meager 240 miles of fully-charged range (only about a third of the highway-driving range that comes standard in the non-electric F-150) for $55,974  – vs. $41,530 for the non-electric F-150. But if you’d like to be able to drive the Lightning a little farther – maybe 300-ish miles – it’ll cost you $63,474 – the base price of the upgraded-battery Lightning.

It is likely it’ll be similar with the Silverado EV – for the same reason: To get an EV to go farther, you need more battery – in order to have the capacity to store more power (electricity).

That means a more expensive battery – because of what’s in the battery.

A gas tank is basically just an empty plastic shell with nothing in it – until you put gas in it. It weighs almost nothing when it is empty for that reason and even when it is full, it doesn’t weigh very much. If it holds say 26 gallons of gas – which is what the gas tank of a non-electric truck like the F-150 (not the Lightning) holds – it will weigh about 170 pounds (the gas weighs about 6 pounds per gallon; the rest of the weight is the tank, itself). This amount of stored energy is sufficient to propel a non-electric F-150 624 highway miles and 494 in city driving.

Without extra charge.

An EV battery is a massive block of plastic that is always full – even when it is empty. Electricity weighs essentially nothing – but the materials needed to store it weigh a ton, almost literally. The Lightning’s standard battery pack, for instance, weighs about 1,800 pounds. So also the Silverado-Hummer EV’s. They have to weigh that much – in order to be able to store enough electricity to go even half as far as a non-electric equivalent can on a full tank of gas – and they always weigh that much – because batteries do not get lighter as you use up the power stored within them.

Unlike a gas tank, which gets lighter as you burn through the gas.

An empty gas tank also costs very little to make – and so to sell. An empty gas tank is, after all, just an empty plastic shell.

An EV battery costs as much as a car. Well, a non-electric car.

And it costs more – again – to add additional capacity, to have more range – because it takes more of the stuff that’s inside the thing to store the electricity necessary to go farther. The cost of that stuff continues to increase as artificial demand (conjured by government forcing the manufacture of more EVs, to comply with the regulations) for these scarce and expensive to get/manufacture into finished goods materials increases. That is why the cost of these EVs goes up – not down – contrary to the lies spread about how they’d become “more affordable” as more were made.

We don’t hear that as much anymore. Kind of like “safe and effective.”

Then there is the lie about the actual (vs. advertised) range.

Kind of like “safe and effective,” the truth is seeping out about this one – as more EVs pass into general circulation.

People are finding out – post-sale – that the range they thought they’d bought is less (often, a great deal less) than what they thought they’d bought. Because no one told them that, unlike what they’re used to with gas-powered cars – which always go about the same distance irrespective of conditions – the distance an EV will go varies widely depending on how cold it outside. And on other such variables. Range reductions of 10-20 percent are common. That matters a lot more when you only have about half the range of a non-electric equivalent to start out with.

And because it takes so much longer to get any range back.

Chevy says it will take “just” ten minutes to put 100 miles’ worth of charge back into the Silverado EV’s battery. But 100 miles of indicated range may be 10-20 percent less – leaving you with maybe 80 miles of actual range. After waiting more than twice as long as it takes to instill 600-plus miles of highway range in a non-electric equivalent.

Chevy does not tout how long it will take to instill a full charge in the Work truck. Probably because not many workers have the time it will take to do that – which will be in the range of 30-45 minutes.

Nor have most of them got the money.

$52,000 – to start – is a lot of money to spend on a truck for a worker who probably doesn’t earn that much in a year.

Luckily – for Chevy – there are government workers. They don’t have to worry about how much electric trucks cost – or the time it costs – because we’ll be paying for it. GM will be selling the Woke truck to various government fleet buyers – flush with our money.

Expect to see lots of electric Silverados with municipal tags.

But people who actually work are not likely to be much interested in a truck not capable of doing much work, other than briefly.

And expensively.

. . .

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