The $70k Jeep

  • August 14, 2023

Before Jeep goes electric, Jeep buyers will have one final chance to buy something better – assuming they can afford to.

Not many will be able to.

Jeep is only going to build 1,000 2024 Far Out Gladiators powered by the 3.0 liter diesel V6 that enables this 4,650 pound 4×4 to travel more than 500 miles on 22 gallons of fuel – because it could travel close to 30 miles on a gallon of gas. These aptly named Far Out Edition Gladiators will stickler for . . . $71,790. That’s just shy of twice what it cost to buy a Gladiator Sport ($43,180) with this engine in 2022.

And that’s a measure of what the government’s push – more like a shove – into electric vehicles will cost us.

Diesels have been the focus of special attention because they focus unwanted attention on the idiocy (and evil) of “electrification.” It is why VW was treated as if it had actually hurt people by selling low-cost, high-efficiency diesel-powered Jettas, Golfs and Beetles. The real hurt was the availability of such cars, which could be bought for about half what it costs to buy a typical new EV and which travelled three times as far (these cars came standard with 600-plus miles of range vs. the typical 240-270 that comes standard in most EVs priced under $50k today).

If VW were still selling such vehicles today, what would the effect of that be on EV sales?

The psychological effect would surely be significant. It would be similar to the effect of the sight of perfectly healthy people walking around showing their faces – and not keeling over from sickness – during the “pandemic.” The contrast would have upset the narrative. And that is why it was not enough to suggest or encourage the populace to “mask.” It was essential to try to force everyone to “mask.”

That normalized the pathology of “masking.”

Similarly, by forcing low-cost, high-mileage and very long-range diesel-powered vehicles off the market, it is easier to force EVs onto the market.

This same purpose is furthered by making the few diesel-powered vehicles that remain – models like the Far Out Gladiator – as or even more expensive than EVs. That way, they won’t be missed when they are gone by those who couldn’t afford them.

Just the same as regards the Last Call iterations of the Dodge Challenger powered by the 6.2 liter supercharged V8. It does not travel even half as far as the diesel-powered Far Out Gladiator, despite being a car and weighing 1,000 pounds less. But it still goes about as far as most $50k electric cars – including the “economical” ones – and it isn’t tethered to a cord, as they are. Its appeal is therefore problematic and so its price has been adjusted – via impending forced scarcity – to make the problem go away. What you used to be able to buy for around $60k (around $40k, with just the V8, sans the supercharger) now costs almost $100k and you soon won’t be able to buy it (new) at any price.

Because they can’t allow it.

They know that, so long as alternatives – and contrasts – exist, it will be much harder for them to get people to forget what’s been taken away from them and to accept what’s being forced upon them. It is the same with regard to the Central Bank Digital Currency – and so-called “cashless” transactions, the latter already being soft-imposed by requiring people to use their phones to pay at high school football games and so on. As with “masking,” the purpose is habituating. Get people used to this – and they will forget how it used to be. Another example of that being the way a whole generation of Americans – those born after the acronoymonic  “emergency” day or who were too young to remember what it was like before that day have grown up accustomed to having their persons violated and their effects rummaged through by government cretins without even the pretense of individual suspicion to warrant it.

For them, it’s “normal.”

It is the way it has always been. And this is literally true, for them. When those of us who are old enough to remember when it wasn’t true are gone – or silenced – then it will be as if it had always been this way. For there will no longer be anything that was to compared with what is. Orwell wrote a whole book about this. It’s a shame it’s not read much anymore.

In another 20 years, cars that one could buy for $25k that could go 700 miles (and 4,500 pound 4×4 SUVs that could for more than 500) will be as forgotten as being able to pay cash for an airplane ticket and board at the last minute, without anyone attempting to place their hands on your private parts. Or being able to buy anything – without the government knowing you did and without its prior permission.

America. It was nice while it lasted.

. . .

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