The Buzz Fades

  • May 23, 2024

VW is selling lots of vehicles – except for the electric ones. Sales of those – models like the ID4 – are down 31 percent so far this year, which is what they call in detective circles a clue that buyers are becoming hesitant about buying a battery powered device rather than a vehicle.

This probably explains why VW has become hesitant about trying to sell more devices – at least in this country. The ID 7 – which is a device like the ID4 but larger-sized (kind of like an iPhone with a larger screen than the previous iPhone) will be held back from the North American market for the foreseeable future.

“As market dynamics continue to change, Volkswagen is delaying the introduction of the ID 7 sedan in the U.S. and Canada.”

Italics added.

“Market dynamics”? Why not just say devices aren’t selling? Well, for the obvious reason. VW – the industry – has “committed” to selling that which doesn’t. It’s called painting yourself into a corner.

The ID 7 was supposed to have been added to VW’s lineup for the 2025 model year.

It’s interesting to note the parallels that exist between EV Hesitancy and “vaccine” Hesitancy – the latter in air fingers quotes to reiterate the point that people were not told the truth about the mRNA drugs they were pressured to take. They were told these drugs would prevent them from getting sick – not “reduce the severity of symptoms” when they got sick. And they were told that if they took the drugs, it would end “the pandemic” because new infections would be prevented.

They weren’t.

And this business about “reducing the severity of symptoms” is of a piece with “climate change” in that both are of a piece with “save up to 50 percent” on your next purchase of whatever-it-is they’re trying to get you to buy. We all know that “save up to 50 percent” probably means it’ll cost you 100 percent – but rubes buy it because hope sells really well when people want to believe in it.

Fewer do anymore. Whether we’re talking ’bout the mRNA drugs that didn’t “stop the spread” or the devices we’re told will prevent the “climate” from “changing.”

Like the ID 4.

This device stickers for just shy of $40,000 to start and for that sum you get a compact-crossover-shaped device with an advertised driving range of just over 200 miles – which is about half the driving range of a small crossover with an engine rather than a battery like VW’s Taos.

You can almost buy a second Taos – $23,995 to start – for the price of one device. Or you could just buy one Taos and put the almost-$20k you didn’t spend on a spare Taos (or just the one device) toward gas for the next ten years or so.

The Taos carries 13 gallons of gas in its tank, which means it costs about $45 to fill it up at current prices (around $3.30 per gallon). That’s about $180 monthly and so about $2,200 annually. So, the $20k, give or take, that you actually did save would be enough to keep you going – in a 2024 Taos – until about 2034 or so.

And you won’t have to spend money on more expensive tires 30 percent sooner, either.

EV pushers don’t advertise the fact that battery powered devices are extremely heavy – the ID 4 weighs 4,308 lbs. vs. 3,181 lbs. for the roughly same-sized Taos – and that weight increases friction which reduces tire life by about 30 percent and necessitates larger-footprint tires to absorb and distribute all that weight. Tires for devices are device-specific and also cost about 30 percent more to replace than tires for vehicles.

So it’s kind of like “reduces the severity of symptoms” in that people are no longer interested in buying that – especially given what it costs them.

Nonetheless, VW isn’t admitting that devices are the new “vaccines.” In a statement released earlier this week announcing the almost 30 percent increase in North American sales of its vehicles, VW did not mention that more than 31 percent decline in sales of its ID 4 device:

We remain committed to electric mobility – this year we have enhanced the range and performance on our all-electric 2024 ID.4 SUV, and we are thrilled to welcome the iconic Microbus back into our lineup with the arrival of the 2025 ID. Buzz in Q4.”

Well, no.

If VW “remains committed to electric mobility” then why did VW decide not to add the ID 7 device to its North American sales lineup? That seems to be walking-back of VW’s “commitment.”

And “thrilled”?

Really? How about alarmed – about the plummeting interest in devices such as the ID 4? And if VW is “thrilled” then why no mention of the 31 percent drop in sales of the ID 4 device?

Hey, look – a squirrel!

As far as the device that looks like a Microbus – it isn’t. And looks-like isn’t going to sell this device, which reports indicate will start around $50,000 when it becomes available later this year.

The actual Microbus sold because the people could buy it. Particularly young people. Not just a few rich old people. There may be a few elderly former hippies who, for the sake of nostalgia, will buy this device – but that’s a small pool to draw from. VW probably knows this, of course. But the company has backed itself into a corner by “committing” to “electric mobility” and making the announcement that it would be resurrecting the Microbus as a device.

It’s hard to pull the plug on that now.

The irony is that these devices may end up pulling the plug on VW – and every other car company that has “committed to electric mobility.”

. . .

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