The “Carbon Neutral” Fuel You Probably Won’t be Able to Buy

  • July 11, 2023

Internal combustion engines aren’t going away. They are merely in the process of being taken away – from you and I and most everyone else who won’t be able to afford paying $20-plus for a gallon of fuel.

That is the projected cost, give or take, of a gallon of “carbon neutral” gasoline, also styled “e-fuel.” It will enable the very rich who can afford to buy it to continue driving their non-electric cars while make-pretending that they “care” for the “environment.”

In fact, of course, what they care about is being able to continue driving something that isn’t tethered to a cord.

That’s for the rest of us.

But what is “carbon neutral” fuel? It is fuel that, when burned, causes no more “carbon” to be “emitted” than was first removed from the air. This entails a very complex – very expensive – process of sequestering, condensing and converting air (the constituent chemical elements) into liquid fuel. It takes a tremendous amount of electricity to power this process – and for it to be “carbon neutral,” it must all be sourced “cleanly,” as from windmills and solar arrays.

As if carbon dioxide were “dirty.”

As if it caused pollution or fouled the environment. It does neither – in the least. But it takes a lot of energy to make “clean” fuels. According to a Reuters news story, quoting the Nature Climate Journal, “Using e-fuel in a gasoline or diesel car requires about five times more renewable electricity than running a battery-electric vehicle.”

It is similar in concept to the artificial making of oil by condensing raw materials, applying heat and pressure.

The result is oil that cost more energy to make than you get.

But what does the cost of “carbon neutral” fuel matter to the few who can already afford to spend six figures-plus on a car?

The makers of six-figure cars – such as Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari – think it won’t matter much. Or rather, it won’t matter more than not being able to drive a Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari.

At least, one that isn’t tethered.

It’s more than just that, too.

A flat-six-powered Porsche or a V12 Ferrari doesn’t sound like a battery-powered device. This is what makes it more appealing than yet another battery-powered device.

This is a big part of the reason for the $75 million that Porsche is investing in the production of “carbon neutral” gas. Porsche builds battery-powered devices, too. The government requires it, effectively. But many – possibly a majority – of Porsche buyers do not want to drive a battery powered device. And they have the means to buy what they want. The same is so for people who buy other very high-end luxury and performance cars.

Bit it’s also more than just that.

When – God help us – EVs are everywhere, it will be common to drive an EV. Those who can still afford to drive a real car, with an engine, will acquire status as well as privilege in the much the same way that 120 or so years ago, being able to afford a car (any car) elevated one above the walking and pedaling and horse-draw-cart-riding masses.

“When you are on a road and you see too many times in a day the same kind of car, our eyes get used to it  . . . you do not perceive any more desirability,” notes Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna.

When – in the near future – you rarely see (or hear) a car with an engine, the lucky few who can still afford to indulge will find it very desirable. For it will have become something exceptional – something most people will only be able to see and hear. Like a private jet zooming past overhead, carrying the exceptional people to their exceptional places.

Which is precisely why “There’s no road map for industrialization at the scale that would be needed for e-fuels to replace fossil fuels,” as Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark said the other day.

Italics added.

Of course not.

“Scale” – the replacement of $3 per-gallon gasoline with “carbon neutral” fuel at a comparable cost – is not what is wanted. It is the opposite of what they – shorthand for the psychopaths-in-office who are doing the bidding of the global finance psychopaths who bought them to do it – want.

Which – as they now say openly – is to get the bulk of us out of cars, period.

“Electrification” being a misdirection, of a piece with the “masks” that were used to direct people into accepting the necessity of “vaccines” that were in fact gene-altering drugs very few of them would have agreed to take if they’d been told beforehand that they were in fact gene-altering drugs that might change them in ways not agreeable while also not preventing them from getting sick or getting others sick.

$20-per-gallon “carbon neutral” or “e-fuel” is elite fuel.

It is an exemption – if you can afford it – from the immiseration being imposed on those who cannot, which amounts to probably more than nine out of ten of us.

Of a piece with the way they exempt themselves from the degradations and immiserations imposed on us when we travel by air commercially. It is not-well-known (but no-less-true for being so) fact that when they travel by private plane, they do not have to spread their legs and raise their arms – or give up their opened bottle of water before boarding. All of the Homeland Security Theater that plays out at the terminal you and I use doesn’t exist at the private terminals used by them.

Because “terrorists” can’t afford to charter a private airplane, you see.

Just as the “carbon footprint” of their aviation fuel-guzzling private jets doesn’t matter, either – while the fractions-as-much of the same “emitted” by us in the process of burning gas is warrant enough to take away our cars and make us hitch a ride.

Or walk.

E-fuels are not meant to “extend the life of IC vehicles,” as the trade publication Automotive News recently put it. They are meant to “extend the life”of a very attenuated few of them – for a very few. Those who can afford a new six figure Porsche or Ferrari – and can afford to spend $400 on a fill-up – will be able to continue driving real cars. 

The rest of us will – if we are lucky – get a battery-powered device. Or we’ll walk, pedal or hitch a ride. Maybe along the way, we’ll get to see and hear what we used to be able to drive.

. . .

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