The Chimp vs. Now

  • September 20, 2023

The Left isn’t liberal. If it were, it would be fulminating with anger over what the federal government and corporate America are doing.

Fomenting war, for instance. And pushing proprietary drugs on people and making billions off the people all-but-literally forced to take them. Lying to people. Oppressing people. Liberals used to oppose those things. Just as liberals used to object to such things as the herding of people into “free speech zones,” where what they were allowed to say could not be heard by the audience intended to hear it.

But that was when the Left did not control the federal government or the corporations that have become so enmeshed with the government as to be indistinct from the government.

Do you remember the era of The Chimp? Leftists pretending to be liberals called him that – and worse – and weren’t wrong to do it. The Chimp – George W. Bush – was a tyrannical and psychopathically callous character who gleefully maneuvered the country into supporting an unprovoked attack on a country that had not attacked this one nor been a party to the “events of Nahhhnlevven,” as The Chimp often put it. Possibly several hundred thousand innocent Iraqis – many of them civilians – were murdered (the etymologically correct term for what was done) and countless American soldiers were psychologically ruined for life by having been made the instruments of this appalling work.

The Chimp also oversaw the transformation of what had been America into a Homeland – one in which security became a kind of fetish object and the enemy of freedom, the true meaning of what The Chimp also used to say practically every time he said anything.

He abused the Constitution like piece of toilet paper he was said to have said he thought it was. Even if he didn’t actually say it, he obviously meant it.

As he did these things, many on the right applauded – while the Left pretended to be appalled. Whole web sites were devoted to deriding The Chimp – including The Smirking Chimp, whose motto was: Ask not who The Chimp smirks at . . . he Smirks at You.

There is no – or at least, very little – smirking at the psychopathically callous tyrant who currently occupies the same office The Chimp long ago vacated. The one who flushed whatever remained of the “goddamned piece of paper” The Chimp all but actually wiped his rear-end with.

At least The Chimp allowed “free speech” – in “zones.” The current  Decider decided not only to stifle it – with the collusion and cooperation of the corporations that have acquired near-monopoly control over free speech via their ownership of the outlets for speech. He sought to criminalize it, characterizing any criticism of himself, his policies and his legitimacy as “threats to our democracy.”

By which he meant his rule.

He has also pushed the world closer to a war than it has probably been since the Cuban Missile Crisis back in the early years of JFK’s presidency, back in the early 1960s. Ironically, Kennedy – who was a Democrat – was horrified by the prospect of a word war, especially one over Cuba.

But the callous old psychopath who sits in the same office today seems eager to egg-on a nuclear war with Russia – over Ukraine.

And the Left cheers it on.

But why does it cheer what it used to boo?

The answer is as simple as it is hard to understand – at first. It is that Leftists aren’t liberals. They are Leftists. As such, they do not oppose war or the co-option by corporations of the government; nor do they favor free speech or bodily autonomy or privacy, either.

They are very willing to use them, however.

For just as long as they are useful, in terms of undermining opposition to the Left and advancing the power of the Left. Once the Left acquires power, it no longer cares about free speech – except its own, of course. And it has no problem with wars provoked by Leftists. It can pirouette as adroitly as a Bolshoi ballerina from screeching about “my body, my choice” to advocating that people who object to being pressured to admit a substance into their bodies (or put a religious garment over their faces) ought to be excoriated and excommunicated from general society.

Put into camps, even.

It is baffling, at first – as it would be to deal with a dog that insists it’s a cat while barking at you rather than purring. But only for as long as it takes to understand that a Leftist is only consistent when it comes to one thing – and that is power. Once acquired, it is held – by any means necessary. Up becomes down and day becomes night. The standards the Leftist pretended to cherish are replaced by double standards. What’s right for them is wrong for you – and what’s right (and wrong) for you is whatever they say it is.

Understand this, and you will understand the Left.

. . .

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