The Cowardice of Psychopathy

  • May 30, 2024

A photo is making the rounds of Nimarata (strange that she avoids using her given name) Haley autographing a shell destined to be hurled at people who more than likely had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks back in October that cost about 1,200 Israelis their lives.

Nimarata is ok with indiscriminately killing tens of thousands in reprisal.

Of course, she herself is not doing the killing. People like Nimarata always place themselves out of the line of fire they insist be rained down on others. This way, the killing seems abstract – almost cartoonish. A cartoon drawn with blood and guts and shattered lives, painted by orphaned children and widowed women.

It is terrible to contemplate the almost giddyness on display in this photo. Does Nimarata feel anything for the people who will be on the receiving end of the high explosives she autographed? Does she think, even a little bit, about the disconnect between what occurred back in October and what is going on, now?

Perhaps a short history lesson will help.

In June of 1942, the Reichsprotecktor of what the National Socialists called Bohemia and Moravia (which was formerly mostly Czechoslovakia) was assassinated in Prague by a team of Czechs sent by the British. In retaliation for the killing of the Reichsprotecktor  – SS General Reinhard Heydrich – the National Socialists (who never styled themselves “Nazis”) eradicated an entire village, indiscriminately killing whoever happened to be there. This was considered a war crime.

Ah, but that was a different time.

And yet, we find ourselves in a similar time – in the sense that the very people who were subjected to mass murder are now the ones committing it – with the appalling difference being the government of the United States is aiding and abetting it. Because it is riddled with psychopaths in the pay of psychopaths, who will kill for money and pretend they are doing it for a just cause.

The National Socialists at least believed they were doing it for good reason.

Of course, the psychopaths who are doing the actual mass murder also believe the same – which makes them as insane (and insanely evil) as the evil National Socialists, whom the current psychopaths revile while emulating. Even to the extent of using almost the same language to describe what they regard as their end-goal of Greater Israel.

The past repeats – in part because it is egged on to do so. Another slice history may serve to make the point. Der Fuhrer – the leader of National Socialist Germany – was aided an abetted by American finance, including some of the ancestors of George W. Bush. This aiding and abetting became so egregious that eventually, Prescott Bush had his company’s  assets seized in 1942 – three years after WWII began – under the Trading With the Enemy Act. International Business Machines also did good business (for IBM) with the National Socialists. But at least no one from IBM signed the machines used by the National Socialists to card catalogue millions of people destined to be sent to camps and from there up the chimney.

It takes a Nimarata – or a Cotton or a Bolton or a Nuland or an Albright or a Clinton – to do that.

What is colloquially and erroneously referred to by many as “our” government is riddle with such psychopathic personalities. Almost all of whom – interestingly – have never themselves put their own “boots on the ground” in the places they insist be bombed. There is a known correlation between criminal psychopathy and cowardice. Serial killers almost never kill people who are capable of defending themselves; they seek weaker prey and attack when their prey isn’t expecting it. Some of these killers end up in government, where their serial killing becomes “policy” and they are rewarded with office and money for seeing it done.

It is not my government, at any rate – and these creatures do not represent me or any other person with a scintilla of conscience. And yet, we are all complicit because we are the ones paying for. The fact that we are made to pay for it may lesson our complicity to a degree, but it does not efface it.

And – one day – we are going to pay for it.

. . .

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