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 “Semper Supra” was named after the USSF motto, which is Latin for “Always Above.”

* Stacy Abrams Ultra-Liar about Ultra-Sound. Even as CNN covers study showing “fetuses” reacting to the taste of carrots & kale, Abrams & Washington Post pretend heartbeats
* Jared Kushner talks about his ventilator program. You’ll want to intubate him, one end or the other, after seeing this
* The “Space Force” has song. It’s not satire, but funnier than anything Babylon Bee would imagine. And to whom does NASA turn to design a new space station? The same people used by Kubrick.
* New tech to make you feel more comfortable in the NEXT lockdown. So real, it’s just like having a visitor in prison
* Walmart app let’s you try on clothing virtually — but strip first, and only women
* Mar-a-Lago “special master” tells Trump to produce evidence he declassified, Trump tells Hannity a president only needs to think about it to declassify. Meanwhile, Biden can’t think enough to find his way off the stage at the UN
* FBI whistleblower on the extremist agency and its political terror
* Another country boils over — Iranian riots and government reacts with brutality, censorship and shutting down internet completely
I* NTERVIEW: Psychopaths’ Big Step to Nuclear World War. Gerald Celente, As the world sleepwalks into nuclear war, is there a path out? How did we get here? And on the economic front, what happens after the election?

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Subsidized Gangstalking

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