The EV as a Tool of Class Oppression

  • August 18, 2023

It’s interesting that the pushing of EVs comes from the Left. Didn’t the Left used to rail about the rich oppressing the average person? The worker?

Well, how does the EV not do exactly that?

Are they not pushing average people – workers! – out of the market for new cars by increasing the cost of an”electrified” new car by 30-50 percent? (Plus the cost to insure it – which goes up in proportion to the replacement cost of the car. Which – in the case of EVs – is apt to be even higher due the increased risk of a spontaneous fire.)

How many workers – how many middle-class people – can afford the $50,000-ish average cost of an entry level EV? Plus the insurance. Plus the personal property taxes that are applied to vehicle ownership (cough) in many states.

Plus the cost of having their home’s electrical panel upgraded to handle a “Level II” charging circuit – which will need its own 30 amp breaker – so that they can recharge the EV in less than a day or two.

All of that times two – because most families need more than just one car. If both are EVs – because all you’re allowed to buy (or own) are EVs – the total cost will be close to $100,000 on the low end.

How many workers can afford that?

The rich can, of course.

It is why each new EV that comes out costs even more than the EVs that have already come out. Soon, the average cost of a new EV will likely be $60,000 or even more. EVs are making car ownership what car ownership was 120 years ago – that being something only the rich could afford. They are bringing back the class distinction that used to attend owning a car.

The poor didn’t.

And not just them, either.

How many contractors and small business people who need a truck for work will be able to afford an electric truck – which costs even more than an electric car and doesn’t work very well.

Or rather, very long?

Of what use to a worker is an electric truck that can’t pull or carry a load for more than 100 miles or so? That forces him to spend time better spent working charging?

Aren’t EVs – inevitably – going to push many workers and middle class people out of their single family homes in the country into townhouses and apartments in or closer to the city – by making it much harder (and much more expensive) for them to drive from the country to their jobs in the city – and then make it back home again?

The answer is yes, of course – and it’s as ironic as it is on purpose.

The Left has never been the friend of the worker – much less of the middle class, derisively referred to by the Left as the bourgeoisie. Read Marx, the grossvater of modern Leftism.

What the Left really likes is poverty.

Especially mass poverty, which creates a herd – because herds are much easier to manage than individuals.

It exploits the poor – by promising them things it has no intention of ever delivering, except to its leadership cadre. Hence the saying about you owning nothing – with the obvious inference being that they will own everything. That is how it always works in any society gone Left. It cannot go in the other direction because in Leftist societies, force prevents it from going in any other direction.

That is the whole point of Leftism.

Modern Leftism goes the old Left one better, though. It gets the workers – and the bourgeoisie – to beg for their own impoverishment by convincing them that their relative affluence is harming – not the proletariat – but the planet.

Environmentalism has nothing to do with conservation or stewardship of the natural world. It has everything to do with an “ism,” though. One that begins with a capital “M.” Look into the foundership of the modern “environmental” movement and you will discover not green but red. One of the founding fathers of Earth Day, for example, was a man named Ira Einhorn (one horn, in German) who was a double “M” in that he murdered his girlfriend and was also a Marxist. Also, Earth Day – April 22 – just happens to be the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, who was also an “M.”

When old-school Marxism failed, it got rebranded – first by men like Ira Einhorn and then by the last leader of the failed state that tried for 70-something years to make it “work.” Mikhail Gorbachev founded the Green Cross – after the Red State collapsed.

And now, here we are – again.

Only this time, the relatively affluent workers and middle class bourgeoisie – who (unlike impoverished peasants) own their own cars and often own homes – are colluding in their own impoverishment. To be fair, it is mostly the offspring of these workers and bourgeoisie who are demanding it, by voting for it. For them, the relative affluence they have always enjoyed will always exist. They have never wondered what it would be like to live without it because they have never lived without it.

It is the gift that will be their undoing – and ours.

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