The EV Enablers

  • August 16, 2023

Government is pushing EVs – but this push wouldn’t succeed if enough people refused to be pushed.

If enough people recognized the evil of this push and refrained from buying an EV, even if they aren’t being pushed into buying one. That, of course, would take a grander view of things that rises above the pettiness (and short-sightedness) of immediate self-gratification.

Many were unable to rise above that during what was pushed as a “pandemic” (the only one that was ever declared that didn’t kill roughly 99 percent of the normally healthy population). They were the people who knew wearing a “mask” – or a “gaiter” – was theater. Who risks their life for the sake of shopping at Wal-Mart? But they put on the “mask” because it was inconvenient to not be able to shop at Wal-Mart.

They needed to get their “shit,” as one person put it.

And for the sake of that, they and others who did the same affirmed and egged-on the mass hysteria, which helped to expand and prolong it. After all – look! – everyone (just about) is wearing a “mask.”

There must be a “pandemic.”

And that, of course, led to the “vaccines.”

Cue the part about short-sightedness. It may indeed have been inconvenient to not be able to shop at Wal-Mart. That was the short-term cost of not playing along by putting a “mask” over your face. But the long-term pay-off would have been undermining the push that came in the wake of “masking” to “vaccinate” all those “maskers.” This  would have been much harder to push drugs on people if  “masking” had been pushed back against – because it would have been much harder to push drugs on people who could see were even less needed than the “masks” they weren’t wearing.

There is a parallel here, as regards EVs.

Just as “masks” were pushed, EVs are being pushed. Neither thing is a natural thing and both things are suspect things for exactly that reason. There was (and is) a reason for the pushing – and it’s not a good one.

And just as “masks” were worn by many for the sake of convenience, many are buying EVs for essentially the same reasons.

It will have the same result.

Buying EVs legitimizes the pushing of them. It normalizes EVs – just as wearing a “mask” (or a “gaiter,” even when emblazoned with skulls and crossbones) enabled and gave strength to the “masking” regime.

The relationship is self-evident.

EVs – unlike “masks” – aren’t entirely pernicious. Some people like them for reasons that aren’t illegitimate and even just because. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se. But EVs are the vehicle of perniciousness, because they are being pushed.

And that is the evil of them.

And of affirming it.

The long-term cost of that will be the elimination of alternatives to EVs and – much worse – the cementing of the underlying narrative that it was necessary. Just the same as “masking” affirmed the “pandemic” narrative and everything that eventually got pushed on all of us in its name.

And that is why it is arguably a moral problem for anyone who has a problem with things being pushed on people to buy an EV – even if they want and don’t see themselves as being forced to.

For anyone to buy one given the push is to abet immorality. It is no different than choosing to do business with an evil business, which is precisely what’s going on here. It does not matter that it benefits you; indeed, it makes it worse – as you are deriving a benefit from evil and facilitating the propagation of evil.

Consider, for example, Tesla. It is a company that used legalized extortion to obtain the capital to finance the development of its electric vehicles. Elon Musk did not invest his money. He used government regs to force other businesses – other car companies, specifically – to “invest” theirs, in his, via carbon credits these companies were pushed to buy from Tesla, in the manner of a shop owner in Little Italy being pressured to buy protection from a Mafia thug.

Should one do business with the Mafia thug, knowing what he did to the shop owner – even if the business is good for you?

The only way you can do it – and not feel complicit – is to not think about it. To pretend you don’t know what the Mafia thug did to that shop owner. And besides, it wasn’t you who did it. All you wanted was to do your business, right?

That is the nature of such business.

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