The Existential Threat Hits Home

  • December 2, 2023

Nearly 4,000 Ford dealers have publicly pushed back against the push to cram EVs down their (and our) throats. This is good news – in the same way that it was good news when people began to refuse to take the drugs being pushed on them as “vaccines.”

But the dealers – let alone the car manufacturers – haven’t yet pushed back against the predicate for the pushing.

Against the lie that it is necessary to push people into EVs – that is, to use EVs to push most people out of cars (and thereby, most car dealers out of business) – in order to avert a “climate crisis.”

This is vile nonsense is of a piece with the lying predicate that served as the basis for the push to inject people with drugs that weren’t “vaccines.” In the case of the latter, that there was a mass die-off event looming that could only be averted if the masses submitted to being injected with drugs that turned out to not be “vaccines.” Now the masses are told an existential threat looms that can only be averted if the masses accept being pushed into EVs – which they begin to understand means pushing most of them out of cars (and driving) because most of them cannot afford an EV and because for many of them, the EV is functionally useless for more than occasional use.

Note the curious commonality of the lie – which in both cases came in the form of a purposeful exaggeration of truth, meant to foment mass hysteria – in order to get the masses to accept what would otherwise be unacceptable.

Yes, there was a bug going around. Just as there have always been bugs going around. Just as every Fall, more people catch them. Just as more older people get seriously sick and end up dying when they catch them. Just as old people become more and more likely to die as they get older, even if they don’t catch a bug.

Yes, the “climate” is “changing.” It is always changing – a fact once understood by most people to be part of the nature of things – before it became “unnatural” in the minds of some people for the elderly to die.

Ever, apparently.

It has become an imminent catastrophe – in the minds of some, who genuinely believe it. Notwithstanding that it has been “imminent” for decades. Many of these are the same people who genuinely believed it was necessary to wear a “mask” – and continue to believe it.

Some may believe it forever.

Just the same as the people who continue believe that we are living in the End Times – or are about to – on account of a literally fractional increase in the fraction of the 0.04 percent of the Earth’s atmospheric carbon dioxide. This is hysterical – and not in the it’s funny sense. And just as as a similar hysteria – the cases! the cases! if you remember – was used to foment panic and thereby render the questioning of it a kind of moral affront – this hysteria about a “climate crisis” is being used to get people to shut up about the push to get everyone into an EV – and thereby push most of them out of owning a car.

But there is another commonality.

When evidence began to percolate that the drugs being pushed on people were not “vaccines” – which became apparent when people who took them continued to get and spread the bug they had been assured they would not get and could not spread – and (this is the critical part) threatened their health, people began to refuse to take them. However hard they were being pushed. Because nothing is worth your health – to say nothing of your life. Certainly not a job – or being allowed to enter a restaurant.  

The drugs had become – because they were (and are) – an existential threat.

It is interestingly similar with regard to the pushing of EVs, which people begin to see as an the existential threat they are to their once-assumed and taken-for-granted right to drive a car they could afford to buy.

The dealers are seeing it, too.

It is one thing to go along (to get along) with sickness kabuki such as the wearing of a “mask” and performing various odd rituals which, in healthier times, were performed exclusively by the mentally ill. These can be seen (and were seen) as temporary stupidities that would pass. Some also saw them as a way to publicly express their virtue – which in our time seems to be synonymous with affirming whatever the Latest Thing happens to be. But all of that goes out the window when people’s health is actually threatened. When they perceive that is, their survival instinct overrides the instinct to go-along to get-along.

The same is now rebooting – and may (fingers crossed) – put the kibosh on the push to get people into EVs, so as to get most of them out of cars. Understanding is percolating. More and more people are seeing the truth – not just about the limitations of EVs – but that EVs are an existential threat to their way of life.

The dealers’ revolt is a good start. It is akin to the way Florida provided an example of both resistance and sanity contra the mass insanity that still afflicted so much of the rest of the country. Florida’s example gave courage to the rest of the country and made it much more difficult for states ruled by gesundheitsfuhrers such as Kathy Hochul in NY to continue with the kabuki.

Now, if just one major automaker – Ford could be the one – would push back and tell the Biden regime that it won’t continue pushing EVs on its dealers – or their customers – and will instead be making cars (and trucks!) that people want and dealers can sell.

That there is no “climate crisis.”

There is only this malevolent push to get most people out of car ownership (and driving) by pushing EVs most people can’t afford – and that dealers can’t afford to sell.

. . .

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