The Existential Threat of the Drive-Thru

  • July 3, 2023

It’s no wonder they’re coming after drive-thrus.

They are, apparently, the latest “threat” to the “climate” they have been telling us is “changing” in vague but alarming ways  . . . for the past 50 years.

Over those years, they have had to rebrand this always-imminent (but never-arriving) “change” several times, when it didn’t arrive as predicted or the predictions were so obviously wrong that they could no longer be mentioned without triggering snickers – among the intelligent, at least.

The ice age that they predicted was imminent – back in the ’70s – never materialized. So they rebranded that, Better-Call-Saul-style, to “global warming” and worked that angle for several decades until the obvious became undeniable and to continue to Al Gore it up became embarrassing to almost everyone, except Al Gore.

But then they got smarter. Or rather, more cunning. They realized the trouble with making specifically alarming predictions: These could be pinned down. It was either cooling – or it wasn’t. It is warming – or it isn’t. But when the “climate” is constantly “changing”  . . . well, who can say? It might “change” this way or that way. Just the same as you might be “asymptomatically” sick and so had better wear that “mask.”

No one can accurately predict such “change” and if the predictions are inaccurate, well, the “climate” is “changing,” again. Alarmingly, they will insist. It is just around the corner!

And how do you prove it isn’t?

However it has been re-branded, the aim of these predictions has always been the same. That being the enserfment of the many for the benefit of the few. One of the ways this has elaborated is the decades’-long and piece-by-piece attack on private car ownership. They are now open about their end-goal.

So it’s not surprising to find one of their shills denouncing the drive-thru.

“Urban planners,” writes Nathaniel Meyersohn, “say the model is failing.” They are “Magnets of traffic and congestion” and “discourage walking, public transit use and visits to neighboring businesses. They also lead to accidents with pedestrians, cyclists and other cars, and contradict the environmental and livability goals of many communities.” 

How do “communities” – which are abstractions – have “environmental and livability goals”? The answer is they don’t. But “urban planners” do. And their plan is to guilt-trip Americans out of their cars and if that does not work, they will use every other means available to force them out of their cars – and into “walkable” urban hives, those “15 minute cities” you have probably already heard about. 

Dixon Dick

Meyersohn-Shill then quotes one of these planners, someone named David Dixon. He is an “urban places fellow,” whatever that is. And he says that drive-thrus are part of an “auto-centric world” and do not “support any of the life and vitality and amenities that suggest people might want to come live, work or play in a neighborhood.”

Suggest? Are people not free to live where they find the life agreeable – and move someplace else when it is not? The insufferableness of these “planners” is just exactly that. Their object is to thwart people’s plans – and replace them with their plans – and pretend they are doing them a service. It make a man want to reach for a hammer.

 And Meyesohn-Shill? He does not appreciate, apparently, the way his talking points contradict each other. If drive-thrus are so hateful, then why are they so popular? He admits that drive-thrus account for 70 percent of the burger buys at McDonald’s. The reason why is obvious: Drive-thrus save time and hassle. It is easier to spend five minutes in your car  at a drive-thru waiting for a burger than it is to park your car, go inside and wait for it and then return to your car.

The real problem – for the “urban planners” – is that drive-thrus are part of the old American system of not wasting time to get things done. Of convenience. And – specifically – they are a problem for electric cars and “electrification,” which entails wasting a lot of time. People are used to not waiting to get what they need to a great extent because of the drive-thru. To it being normal to not have to wait more than five minutes or so to get a burger and get back on the road.

This latter stands in glaring contrast to having to wait for half an hour or more to get a charge. More finely, it makes it appear jarringly ridiculous. A “new normal” that is profoundly abnormal and – of a piece with the recent bout of sickness psychosis – built upon a foundation of guilt-trip lies designed to make people feel bad if they question it.

Granny might die. The “climate” may “change.” 

Observe that – of a piece with the peak of the hysteria over the “virus” – the peddlers of “change” now style it a “crisis.” Probably because they sense that their alarmist predictions are beginning to wear thin, not unlike the “winter of death” that was certainly coming on account of the “unvaccinated.” When it did not come – and more to the point, when it became obvious to all but but the softest-headed that the “vaccines” were more likely to get you sick than prevent you getting (or spreading) sickness – it became much harder to guilt-trip people into rolling up their sleeves to prevent granny from dying.

Similarly, people are beginning to understand what “urban planners” are planning – and that there is no “climate crisis,” except insofar as the alarmist propaganda is trying to make people believe there is. They have heard endlessly about “greenhouse gasses” – but they are often surprised when they are told (never by the media) that carbon dioxide constitutes all of 0.04 percent the earth’s atmosphere and then begin to ponder on the likelihood of a 0.0-something fractional increase in that amounting to a “crisis.”

Kind of like the cases! the cases!

So this Meyersohn-shill may find himself talking to the hand. Kind of like Dr. Fauci, for instance.

. . .

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