The Freedom to Hate

  • October 30, 2023

“Conservatives” – whatever that means – are proving they hate freedom of speech as much as the Leftists they pretend they oppose.

“Nikki” Haley, for instance. In air fingers quotation marks to make a point of the fact her real name isn’t that. Nimarata Haley recently lectured Americans that while “there should be freedom of speech,” people have not got the “freedom to hate.”

Well, first of all, who gets to define what constitutes “hate”?

Why, the Left, of course!

It was the Left that first framed disagreeing with the Left as “hate” – in order both to smear such disagreement as morally repugnant and – next – to seek to outlaw any expression of disagreement with the Left.

So what is Nimarata trying to “conserve,” exactly? It’s certainly not the freedom to express disagreement with the Left.

Or the Right.

Nimarata is an ardent Israel-firster, as are many “conservatives.” As are many Leftists. They both agree that Israel – the government of Israel, that is – can do no wrong; probably because they are well-paid to so agree. And because they both know that to disagree is to open oneself up to charges of being  . . . “hateful” toward Israel. This latter is functionally the binary alternative to not being slavishly worshipful of Israel. Or – to be precise – of the interests that make it very clear that anything less than slavish worshipfulness of Israel will result in hatred being directed their way.

Ands the same as regards Keeeeeeeeeeeev. One must “stand” with the endless financing of that failed state, else be guilty of  . . . “hate.”

On this business of “hate” . . .

Why should any free person be punished for hating whatever he decides he hates? Or – more finely – how can a person be free, if he isn’t free to hate whatever he likes?

And irrespective of whether other people like it?

There are many instances when it is entirely legitimate to hate – as for example the people who seek to take away our freedom to speak when they declare our views to be “hateful,” because they question or disagree with theirs. People like Nimarata Haley, for instance.

It is healthy to express hatred for such people – and their despicable framing of disagreement with them as “hateful.”

What is wrong with hating people who have established by their actions that they hate you? Are we supposed to pretend we don’t hate them? Oe – more finely – that we do not disagree with them?

Yes, exactly.

The demand is we are not allowed to give express our hatred – which serves neatly to protect hateful people. Dr. Fauci, for instance. Recall his taking personally any disagreement with him over the forced-wearing of “masks” – and the forced taking of drugs that were never vaccines (and the little bastard knew it, the whole time). When you question him, he said, you are questioning the “science,” which renders such questioning derogatory; a short skip-and-hop away from being . . . “hateful.”

This hate-filled little bureaucrat – oops! there goes a “hateful” comment! – is responsible, along with a cohort of others like him, for the imposition of years of misery, societal disruption and physical harm upon millions of people. But to say so is to be guilty of “hate” speech, just the same as saying you wish “Bibi” Netanyahu were less corrupt – and that American representatives would represent the interests of Americans first.

This latter business, by the way, is why the Orange Man is hit with implications of “racism” – and “anti-Semitism”- both of them synonymous with being . . . “hateful.” This is interesting in that it accounts for the general hatred of “conservatives” for the Orange Man.

At least, of Inner Party “conservatives” such as Nimarata Haley.

What they hate about the Orange Man is that he isn’t a “conservative.” He is the Orange Man. And he is very, very bad – because, whatever he is, he does not seek to “conserve” what Inner Party “conservatives” such as Nimarata Haley, Race Banyon from Johnny Quest (i.e., Mike Pence), Fatty Arbuckle (i.e., Chris Christie) and most of the rest of them are trying to “conserve.”

Which is the same thing as the Left is – both hoping to “conserve” the same thing. That being their Uniparty Lock on what is most easily described in brief as the system. It is, as the comedian who was much-more-than-just-that George Carlin once noted a “big club – and you’re not in it.”

Of course, it is very “hateful” indeed to note such facts.

And that is why people such as a Nimarata Haley have their panties in a twist over anyone who dares to mention them.

The good news is this tactic has already run its course – even though its fullest application may not yet have manifested. Inner Party members of both parties may well lash out in desperation by trying to criminalize our saying anything they find disagreeable as “hateful.”

But we know it’s simply disagreement.

And we hate them for framing our speech as something it isn’t. And even when it is. Because it is a human right to hate anything you like.

Including people like Nimarata Halely.

. . .

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