The Fruits of Technocracy: Quantitative Analysis Shows Google Steered 6 Million Votes to Biden in 2020

  • September 19, 2023
In the aftermath of the 2020 election, people fought over voting machines, mail-in ballots, signature validation, etc. Meanwhile, Technocrats disguised as the 800-pound gorilla stole the election well before the first ballot was cast – in fact, 6 million of them. Google has been demonstratively caught, but who cares? Google’s smoke-and-mirror response: “Who, us?” ⁃ TN Editor

Nothing is so sacred as our Democracy™ — so goes the corporate state media mantra, repeated endlessly in print and on the airwaves of mainstream outlets. It’s the alpha and the omega — never mind what democratically elected politicians do once they’re in office. It’s much more of an end than a means.

The obvious exception to the rule, as I and others have documented over the years, is when any candidate with a chance to win might threaten the technocratic ruling class.

obert Epstein (no relation to the child sex trafficker but perhaps just as likely to be suicided based on his work), director of the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT), has concluded through a quantitative analysis of Google search engine manipulation and subsequent extrapolation to the population level that the company — the unofficial motto of which was once “do no evil” and which was silently dropped in 2018 with no explanation — added six million votes to Joe Biden’s column in 2020. If accurate, this was more than enough to have artificially swayed the election.

I was peripherally aware of Epstein’s decades of work regarding big tech’s undue influence over the democratic process (and virtually and increasingly every other aspect of social life) but he popped up again on my radar via a recent appearance on “The Jimmy Dore Show.” In it, he explains the multi-pronged quantitative approach he used to measure the vote-rigging project undertaken by Google in 2022 (which is still going on). It includes but is not limited to both the manipulation of search term suggestions (the search terms that Google suggests, starting with the very first character the user types) as well as the curation of search engine results to show sources that Google ideologically agrees with.

PJ Media’s Victoria Taft covered the story back in 2020 in the immediate aftermath of the “most secure election of all time.”

The value of Epstein’s work is that it confirms what is immediately obvious to anyone paying attention who searches a contentious term in Google and then searches for the exact same term in a non-compromised search engine like DuckDuckGo.

At the end of the Dore interview, Epstein concludes by referencing a widely unknown section of the well-known and infamous “military-industrial complex” speech by outgoing president Dwight Eisenhower in which he warned of the rise of a “scientific-technological elite” that could surreptitiously, undetected, rig public discourse and public policy without the public knowing what was happening.

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