The HAARP Report: How to Stop Chemtrails and HAARP

This video explains exactly How, and Why, we must declassify, and get control of the weather warfare programs. Please pick a few ideas, and see what you can do! Source: The HAARP Report

This is a VERY important video, so please download it, forward it, and use the information. Be sure to watch my video “Chemtrails are Coal Ash”, if you haven’t already. That video is basically a Part One, to this video. Blessings to all, who will help in this mission!

Please download this slide show, as a hi-res pdf (157 slides, 3.2 Mb), and forward it to your friends:
(The slides look much better than the video, and I’d be honored, if people would use these slides, to give their own talks, in their local communities.)

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