The Half-Truths About EVs

  • May 29, 2023

One of the most effective ways to spread a lie is to tell a partial truth. As for example that people were getting sick a couple of years ago. That truth was used to spread the lie that everyone was in danger of becoming so sick they might die – when the truth was that unless you were someone who was already old or already chronically sick with some other malady, you would probably be fine.

Another, more current half truth – about EVs and powering them up – is that it’s just a matter of building more places to power them up; i.e., those “fast” charging stations where you wait for half an hour or longer to put a partial charge back into your EV. But the truth is that these “fast” charging places are not like gas stations – though the half-truthers want you to think that they are, for the same essential reason that those pushing the “pandemic” wanted you to think there was one.

A gas station can be built almost anywhere and once it is built, it is ready to dispense fuel to vehicles.

That is the full truth.

A “fast” charging” station can also be built almost anywhere. But once built, it is not ready to dispense power – electricity – to vehicles. Not unless power lines have also been built, to connect the “fast” charger to the source of power.

The difference is critical to understand because it exposes a truth they’re not telling people about.

It is not necessary to run pipelines from a refinery or a fuel depot to each and every gas station -or any of them – because they get the fuel they dispense via tanker trucks that bring it to wherever the station is – which for this reason can be anywhere a tanker truck can get to. It is why there are gas stations in far-away, lonely places. Which makes it possible to drive there – and get back from there, too.

To live there.

It is unlikely you will ever see a “fast” charger out in the middle of nowhere because there is no power out there. Not enough power, at any rate, to power a “fast” charger. (Speaking of which, take note of the fact they do not tell people they cannot “fast” charge at home; they let them believe they can, though.)

Because it’s not worth it (in terms of cost-benefit) to run the heavy-gauge lines that would be necessary to wire – just the right word – enough high-voltage electricity from the source, probably far way, to the middle of nowhere.

Or the country.

EV “fast” chargers require the infrastructure – to use the Biden Thing’s term honestly – that for the most part does not exist too far away from the beaten path, where lots of people already live; i.e., the cities and close-in suburbs. This is where high-voltage networks already exist and where it is realistically feasible (in terms of cost-benefit) to build more.

EV “fast” chargers must also be close to this infrastructure for another reason. That being losses (of power) in transmission. There is a reason why most “fast” chargers are built near big box stores, office parks and retail centers. That is where the high-voltage DC power already is and you don’t want to get too far away from there, because of the massive cost of the necessary heavy gauge wiring to connect to it from any distance and because of the efficiency losses over it, the farther away you get from it.

What they are not telling you about “fast” charger networks is that – unlike gas stations – they are inherently centralized, along the path of existing infrastructure. This, in turn, gets us to the truth that EVs are also necessarily tethered to that centralized infrastructure and thus, so are their owners.

Who are thereby owned by the centralized infrastructure.

People who do not live within EV driving distance of it will of course be left out of it – which is probably fine with them, if that’s all there were to it. But it isn’t. It is clear to anyone who isn’t blind that they mean to force everyone into an EV, in part by making certain that’s all there is available to buy. The Biden Thing has decreed it will be so within just a few years from now – and several of the major car companies have amen’d his decrees with promises of their own to sell nothing other than EVs a few years from now.

The other part will be decrees that either make it illegal or too expensive to drive anything other than an EV – and you’d have to be blind to not see this coming, as it is essential insofar as eliminating alternatives to the EV and the centralized system they mean to impose.

But – for now – they sooth people with lies, like the ones they spread about “vaccines” that would free them from having to “mask.”

Similarly, they let people believe that the transition to EVs will be a simple matter of swapping a car with an engine for one with a motor and life will go on as it has.

It won’t.

Because it can’t.

As in literally, physically (in terms of physical facts) cannot.

People who do not live where the infrastructure is will not be able to live where they currently do. More precisely, will not be able to get from there to where they work or otherwise need to be – and get back home again in reasonable time. They will be isolated. Forced to live within walking, bicycle or horse-and-buggy range of wherever they work or need to be.

Or obliged to live closer to where the infrastructure is.

Where the centralized control is.

And that’s the fulsome scurvy truth they’re keeping quiet – by only telling you the half of it.

. . .

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