The Last V6 Standing

  • November 18, 2023

In less-than-a-year-from-now, you will never again be able to buy a new mid-sized sedan with a six cylinder engine.

At least, not for less than $60,000 or so.

Dodge has already stopped making the 2023 Charger – which used to come standard with a V6 (and for $33,200 to start). The 2024 version will be standard with a battery. And it will reportedly cost close to $50,000 to start.

Mazda stopped selling its 6 sedan (which offered a V6) altogether, probably because without a six, the 6 was something less than its own name.

Hyundai’s Sonata offers no more than a four.

The Nissan Maxima – which had a standard V6 – is no more.

And now comes the news that the 2025 Toyota Camry – which will begin replacing the current Camry in about six months from now – will be four cylinder-only, just like its main remaining  rivals, the Honda Accord and the Hyundai Sonata.

All of them used to offer V6 engines.

Readers of this column know why they don’t anymore – and why the Camry soon won’t, either. A four cylinder hybrid Camry is the only way Toyota can get the Camry close to the nearly 50 MPG mandatory minimums decreed by the federal regulatory apparat that go into effect come 2026. This is the regulatory mechanism by which the federal apparat is systematically pushing engines off the market. The mandatory minimums will increase until it becomes impossible for a car with an engine to comply with them.

And we are just about there.

Even with a four cylinder engine augmented by a hybrid setup that keeps the engine off as often as feasible, the 2025 Camry will only just barely make the cut. It will average around 50 MPG, according to reports. The next round of mandatory MPG minimums – on deck to approach 60 MPG – will assure the engine will be cut, in favor of a battery – thereby turning the Camry into a device, just like all the rest.

This will do wonders for its “stock” car image, no doubt.

Things were dissonant enough when the Camry was still available with a V6, which wasn’t a V8 – which is what all NASCAR “stock” cars are powered by.

But at least it was close.

Soon, it will be very far away, perhaps beyond the event horizon of plausibility. Then again, rumor has it that even NASCAR will be pushed to dump its engines in favor of electric motors, reducing what had been racing to something akin to a life-size version of kids’ toy race sets, which were meant to simulate racing.

Six cylinder engines are becoming what what V12 engines were about a decade ago; i.e., exotic engines available only in high-priced, low-production models that only the affluent few can afford. To get one in a new sedan, you must be able to spend in the vicinity of $60,000 for something like a BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E-Class sedan – equipped with the optionally available six.

These luxury sedans now come standard with fours.

It is a shock to the senses.

Mid-sized luxury sedans such as the BMW 5 and the Mercedes E used to come standard with sixes and every mid-sized, mass-market family sedan used to offer them. It was only a little more than ten years ago that it was possible to buy a full-sized sedan with a standard V8 engine for about $40,000 in today’s depreciated dollars. That was the 2011 Ford Crown Victoria – and it cost about $17,000 less to buy one (adjusted for inflation) back in 2011 than it costs today to buy a four-cylinder-powered mid-sized BMW 5 Series (MSRP $57,900 to start).

We are being Sovietized.

Becoming used to be being reduced. Butter and eggs are becoming luxury items.

It follows.

Because Soviets have taken over the government. They are not recognized – yet – as such because they wear business suits and call themselves “president” and “senator” rather than general secretary and commissar.

But they aim toward the same goal.

Many don’t understand this – yet – because they have been gulled by the new verbiage that makes red seem green. Even when the verbiage emanates from the mouths of general secretaries and commissars (in all-but-name) as they deplane from private planes and are whisked away in 4 MPG V8-powered armored SUVs. The soon-to-be-proletariat hears and cheers because it does not yet understand what it is going to cost them.

That being everything they have taken for granted.

They believe they can vote for general secretaries and commissars who promise to pursue “zero carbon” as zealously as some of their comrades pursued “zero COVID” – and that the  refrigerator will always be full. That the lights will always come on. That they will own a home – and a car. These are working-class affluences an alarming number of Americans have come to regard as a kind of entitlement that will alway be a given.

They have forgotten such things were once unavailable to the proletariat in countries run by general secretaries and commissars. They seem to believe – dissonantly – that it is possible to have general secretaries and commissars and have full refrigerators in the homes of the proletariat.

They are about to have their dissonance dispelled.

. . .

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