“The Law”

  • January 31, 2024

Part of growing up is coming to terms with reality – contra what you believed it was when you were still a child. You realize your parents aren’t omniscient. You find out there’s no such thing as the Easter Bunny. And you discover that “the law” is not some mighty edifice of  protection against the machinations of evildoers; it is just rules enforced by men who control the system that uses “the law” to keep you under their control.

The foundation of this control is your belief that “the law” is objective and impartial; that what matters in a courtroom is “the law” – as opposed to the arbitrary whim of the judge.

And therein lies the rub.

“The law” – by itself – is just words written in books and those books are written and interpreted and applied by men, who are inherently partial and often arbitrary. All men have their own points-of-view. It is unavoidable. A good man will try not to let his opinion cloud his interpretation of the facts but it’s childish to believe his opinions do not color his interpretation of the facts. A bad man will not only allow his opinion to color his interpretation of the facts; he will deliberately twist (or ignore) the facts and use “the law” as a weapon against those he wants to punish, who have offended his opinions.

Like the Orange Man, as an obvious for-instance.

One need like the Orange Man to understand that what is being done to him – as in the “defamation” case brought against him by a woman who obviously hates him but had nothing more than her hate to substantiate her assertions about his supposed actions 30 or more years ago. “The law” says Orange Man owes this woman more than $80 million dollars because Orange Man publicly dismissed her assertions and the woman, herself, as a “whack job.”

This, apparently, constitutes “defamation” sufficient to justify an $80 million-plus judgment.

But where is the justice in it?

Keep in mind that Orange Man has been convicted of nothing – as regards the allegations made by the woman. They are ancient hearsay allegations and as such ought to have been disregarded by “the law,” if “the law” were based on facts rather than controlled by the opinions of the men (and women) who control it. Instead, Orange Man has been convicted . . . of “defamation.” For publicly dismissing ancient hearsay allegations and the woman who made them as a “whack job.”

Which she is, if the allegations are false. And that is at least as probable as them being true since it is nothing more than she said vs. he said.

Orange Man arguably has a stronger claim to having been “defamed” by the woman who made the hearsay allegations against him. Unlike the woman – who is (or was) an unknown woman – Orange Man is a very public man. He is not only the former president, he is running for president. And he is a business magnate whose business in no small measure depends on those he does business with not regarding him as a sexual predator. How much damage has been done to Orange Man’s very public persona via the hearsay allegations made against him? When such allegations are made, people (especially women, many of whom vote) tend to remember them – no matter whether they are ever substantiated.

The suspicion they are true lingers. The reputation never fully recovers.

But the woman who publicly made these embarrassing and damaging hearsay allegations isn’t dismissed – or punished – by “the law” for failing to produce evidence in support of her allegations. She is rewarded for making them, to the tune of $80-plus million dollars.

Consider the implications of this.

“The law” has displayed its power to apply potentially devastating financial ruin on someone not convicted of anything criminal to punish the accused for excoriating his accuser. More finely, for annoying the accuser – and the men (and women) who control “the law.”

We see the same in the proceedings brought against Orange Man in Georgia and elsewhere, where it is clear “the law” is out to get Orange Man – but not because he is guilty of anything under “the law.” Rather, because he offends the orthodoxy of those who are “the law.”

Consider the implications and where they might lead. Will people who dismiss the allegations made by those who insist “climate change” is happening (of a piece with the claims made about what supposedly happened in a department store changing room 30-something years ago) and call them “whack jobs” face persecution for “defamation” by “the law”?

Is the possibility outlandish?

In fact, it is probable – arguably – when “the law” is become a weapon in the service of men and women whose feelings carry more weight than facts. When what is written matters less than what such men and women insist it means – even when what they say it means is a kind of assault upon what it clearly says. An example of this being the Biden Thing’s attack upon Texas for attempting to apply “the law” that the Biden Thing refuses to apply, notwithstanding it is “the law.”

That does not matter. Because the Thing is “the law.”

Time to grow up. And come to terms with what is – as opposed to what we once believed.

. . .

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