The Leader vs. Our Leaders

  • September 23, 2023

Say what you will about Der Fuhrer, the one thing he didn’t do was try to take away people’s cars.

In fact, he tried to get the German people – das volk – into cars – das wagen.

That is literally – what the German word, Volkswagen means.

This is not a defense of Hitler, for those who fail – oy vey! – to understand. It is an indictment of current leaders – that’s what Fuhrer means, in German (singular). We have many Fuhrers – plural – and they are determined to get as many people out of cars as possible.

They say, of course, they merely want to transfer people into electric cars in order to cleanse the environment. This is not dissimilar from what the Fuhrer said.

It was just a transfer – to the East – you see. To cleanse Germany.

And in a sense it was a transfer. As in from a living to a no-longer-alive state. Just as it is true EVs are vehicles . . .  for getting most of us out of them. If you cannot believe this – and it is hard to believe, as it was hard for people to believe the trains they were being loaded into were taking them to their final destination – you must ask yourself why people are being pushed (ostensibly) into vehicles for which there is insufficient energy to power all of them.

The “grid” – by which is meant the entirety of the power generation system that keeps the lights and other such things on (and running, if they are powered electrically) – has about 1.1 million Megawatts of power available, operating at full capacity. If all or even half the engine-powered vehicles currently on the road were replaced by battery-powered vehicles, it would take a 50-100 percent increase in current grid capacity to provide the electricity to keep them and everything else running.

Yet there is no serious effort under way to increase grid capacity to accommodate the increased demand for electrical power.

Nor distribution of it, as to rural areas. How will people who do not live conveniently close to urban areas “fast” charge their EVs, since it is not realistically possible to “fast” charge an EV without commercial-level power to tap?

The answer is that life is to be made harder for people who do not live in urban areas to continue living in non-urban areas by making it much less convenient for them to get around by car. And the people already in urban areas don’t need cars. Even if they did, those who want them have no place to park them. Or cannot afford to park them. Charging them is the least of their worries.

Ask a New Yorker.

The idea, then, is for all of us to transfer into becoming New Yorkers. That way, there will be more lebensraum out in the country, where the leaders will be able to enjoy their private sylvan paradises, as they already enjoy their private, gated communities, private jets, private (non HMO) doctors and private schools for their kids.

Back to the leader.

He admired Henry Ford, who put the American people behind the wheel. He determined to do the same and that was the impetus for the Volkswagen, the people’s car. Like the Model T Ford it emulated, the Beetle – as it came to be known, because its shape resembled one – was designed to be a simple car as well as an affordable car. So that the people – average people – could own and drive one.

Imagine that. Hitler wanted people to own and drive cars. Our leaders are doing everything shy of bayonetting people out of them.

The Beetle had an air-cooled engine that eliminated the need for a radiator, hoses and coolant (all of which the Model T Ford did have). It featured an ingenious, rear-mounted transaxle that eliminated the separate rear axle and transmission (and driveshaft, connecting the two) that the Model T had. And having the weight of the engine over the rear wheels (which were the powered wheels) helped the Beetle bully its way through mud and snow as well as or even better than modern cars with all four wheels powered.

It was a marvel of engineering in its own right, just like the Model T – while at the same time being very different from it in so many ways.

A new factory was built to mass produce the car and named after you-know-who. The name of that factory – Wolfsburg – survives to this day because most people have no idea that you-know-who liked to be called “wolf” – and that the factory (and town) were named in honor of him.

And still are.

Er ist weider da, ja? 

Germans were encouraged to save up for a new VW on a kind of lay-away plan. This very much differed from the monthly payment plan Americans got used to, but the two things aimed at the same thing, which was to enable people to buy a car without having to pay for it all-at-once. The German idea was arguable the more future-time-oriented in that it made people save before they bought, but the end result was essentially the same.

Isn’t it ironic?

Adolf Hitler, the absolute dictator of National Socialist Germany, not only wasn’t opposed to the average German having and driving a car and in fact did all he could to promote car ownership – he also encouraged driving, by creating the first interstate highway system, the Autobahn. This was the model for what became the U.S. Interstate Highway system after the war.

There was an underlying military aspect, of course. The Autobahn facilitated the rapid movement of military convoys across Germany – just the same as the Interstate Highways would allow here. But the point is Der Fuhrer wasn’t trying to herd the people – like cattle – into – government-controlled mass transit and “15 minute” cities.

But our leaders are doing just that.

. . .

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