The No Cash Charge

  • April 2, 2024

Why do you suppose you can’t pay cash to charge up an EV?

Many people don’t even know you can’t pay cash to charge up an EV. That you must put an app on your phone that’s used to charge your account. This means you must have your tracking device – whoops, your “smart” phone – with you wherever you go. If you go via EV. It means the system knows when, where and how much you’ve been charging.

There’s no legitimate reason for this.

The self-checkout machines at supermarkets take cash as well as charge – at least for now – and there’s no technical reason why an EV charger could not also accept cash. Yet none do.

Why is that?

Well, there are the reasons already mentioned. It is clear that part of the push to “electrify” personal transportation is a push to data mine personal information. There’s very little money in cash, you see. But data can be extremely profitable. It’s a big business – and you’re the product.

There are also more sinister reasons, of course. Because nothing the government does is ever benevolent.

It is hard to prevent someone who has cash from paying for things he needs; the government has no way of knowing whether you even have cash and never mind what you may have bought with it. The government does not like this anonymity – and neither do the corporations that have become even worse than government because the Bill of Rights  restrains corporations even less than it restrains the government. Both want to know every last detail of your financial life as well as your life, generally. They want to be able to quickly discover discrepancies – your spending vs. your income, for instance. So as to make sure – as far as the government is concerned – that you always pay every cent in taxes the government says you “owe.”

That latter business being just stupendous – in terms of its gall. No honest thief would tell you that you “owe” him money. Such insolent derangement is characteristic of government only.

Anyhow, it bothers the government that you can pay cash for gas because the transaction is outside the knowledge and so control of the government. The heavy-handed attempt to “lock down” the population during the authoritarian theatrical event styled “the pandemic” failed to lock down the population – in part because anyone who had a car (and gas) could drive pretty much wherever they needed to go. And that was easy enough to do because the government was not able to “lock down” cash transactions.

Envision what it would be like if the government – and the corporations that are becoming  indistinguishable from government – could finely control how much charge you are allowed to buy. Could prevent you from buying any charge at all – for any reason at all – by locking you out of your account.

The fact that this is easily done ought to bother you. But much more bothersome is the fact that is being done.

That it is already done.

There is no place in America where it is possible to pay cash to charge an EV. This neatly and deliberately bifurcates Americans who are “wired” – who don’t seem to mind – and Americans who, for sound reasons, do not wish to be “wired.” What seems likely to happen – what the end goal (one of them) seems to be – is to winnow out people who don’t have an EV. They will only be able to drive if gas is available – and if the price of gas remains affordable. Both of these “problems” are easily solved by government.

What then?

Well, you can only drive if you own an EV and only if you have the app that connects your digital wallet to the charge machine. The government deciding whether you’ll be allowed to drive by having the power to control whether (and how much) you can charge. When transportation is “electrified” – and cashless – it will be so much easier for the government to control movement by centralizing it without most people realizing it.

People see individually owned EVs and think nothing has fundamentally changed. You still have your car; it just happens to be a battery powered device. But all of this is illusory in that every single EV you see is literally tethered to a central control hub that controls the electricity (home solar charging in anything less than days requires a massive array at massive cost and so it’s off-the-table for most people).

And financially, via the cashless app that your have to use in order to buy the charge.

If it sounds sinister, that’s because it is. If it weren’t, these EV chargers would accept cash, so as to make it easier for people to pay for a charge and to encourage people who prefer to use cash to buy and drive an EV.

But that’s not the case. It is in fact the opposite case. And that’s why it’s sinister – unless you think it’s harmless and even benevolent to give government and corporations the power to micromanage our comings and goings.

. . .

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