The Significance of the Vehemence

  • November 9, 2023

That the recent elections tilted blue – that is, red (it’s interesting that the party closest to overt Marxism isn’t the “red” party) isn’t surprising because the basic tenets of Marxism have become vehement givens for both parties.

Neither opposes income or property taxes – both central dogmas of Marxism. They merely bicker over how much.

Question this – ask why anyone ought to be forced to pay either – and you’ll be met with vehement umbrage from both reds and the blues.

But the issue that defined – or rather, foreordained the outcome of –  the recent elections is the general vehement agreement that life doesn’t matter. That it is disposable, when inconvenient. If the life of a baby is disposable, then how much is yours or mine worth? How you “stand” – ugsome word – on abortion (the ending of life) is almost beside the point. The point is that if any life is cheap, then life is cheap. Put another way, if any of us lack the right to life, then our right to not be robbed (i.e., “taxed”) stands on pretty flimsy ground.

It is no wonder we’re taxed extravagantly, at every turn. It’s a miracle we’re not taxed out of everything we earn and thought we owned. It is no wonder people are treated with contempt – and treat others with contempt. That the most basic civilities are passing away.

This is an inevitable etiolation of the disease of regarding human beings as things whose value can be disposed of by others.

Isn’t that what abortion comes down to?

The “right” to dispose of life is premised on the assertion that it’s not a life. That it is a thing. This is of course absurd because it’s self-evidently false. But it is convenient. One can argue for the disposal of things and not regard oneself as a thing. We all take out the trash; get rid of things we don’t want or need.

They are, after all, merely things.

Once this attitude hardens, people in general come to be regarded as things. You are not threatening your neighbor with murderous violence – demanding he hand over his money that he earned (and you did not) because you think a government school or some other thing requires him to provide funds to finance it. You are just voting to “increase funding” for “the schools.”

And if he were to refuse – if he were to resist – you would not be appalled to learn he’d been killed for resisting. Many would say it was justified.

This is what comes of regarding others as things – as property to be disposed of.

The GOP’s losses reflect the fact.

As a matter of practical politics, the GOP – as in Virginia – might have done better than losing control of both houses if it had not dared to broach the subject of treating life as a thing to be disposed of. Evidence is persuasive that having broached it in the meekest, almost apologetic tones cost the GOP control of the legislature, now under control of the blue – that is, red – party.

It might have won had it left that issue alone.

But we all lose, regardless – because we’ve all become things to be disposed of. We have no rights that are bound to be respected because things do not have unconditional rights. Things are allowed certain privileges, perhaps – and always conditional.

Just the same as the conditional right of a developing child to live, provided it is convenient.

Else just dispose of it.

This is not an argument in favor of banning abortion. It is an appeal to conscience. Without the latter, the former will always be a loser. In order for that to change, people’s minds – and hearts – must change, first.

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