The Tesla Model

  • September 6, 2023

Tesla didn’t so much pioneer the modern electric car as it did the modern electric car grift

It works like this:

The people who constitute the federal government decided to use the power of the federal government to sluice money taken by the federal government from what are styled “taxpayers” – as if they had a choice as to whether to pay these “taxes” – to an industry that the people who constitute the federal government have decided to favor, via finance – using other people’s money.

In this case, the industry was Tesla – the only company that was in the business (so-called) of making electric cars when this business began about fifteen years ago. No one else was in this business because there wasn’t any money in it.

But that was before the people who constitute the government began to redistribute money, to this business.

First, though, it was necessary to lay the groundwork for it. It was asserted that it was necessary to promote EVs because they did not “emit” carbon dioxide and so were characterized by the people who constitute the government as “zero emissions” vehicles. This was marketed as being a salve for a “crisis” the people who constitute the government – and its attendant lampreys in the “media” – claimed would otherwise befall us all.

Various government regulations were then imposed that favored the manufacturing of these “crisis” salving, supposedly “zero emissions” vehicles. There were even production quotas (as in California, where any company that wanted to sell cars there was obliged to at least offer a certain number of “zero emissions” electric cars if they wished to be allowed to sell any cars at all) to push things along.

This latter gave Tesla leverage – in addition to the subsidies it also received courtesy of the people who constitute the government.

It worked like this:

The people who constitute the federal government decreed that businesses that earn money via free exchange would either have to waste money complying with federal regulations obliging them to reduce their “emissions” of the dread inert gas carbon dioxide – as by manufacturing “zero emissions” EVs themselves – or pay Tesla for credits that could then be credited against their own “emissions” for not manufacturing EVs. Tesla being given credit for producing cars that don’t “emit” the dread inert gas carbon dioxide at the tailpipe but never mind the “emissions” emitted in the course of making them – and powering them.

In this way, Tesla got the government to finance its business while at the same time hobbling rival businesses. GM, Ford, Stellantis (the combine that owns Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram trucks) spent money financing Tesla, via the carbon credits they were essentially forced to buy from Tesla.

It’s the crony capitalist analog of the wasp that stings – and paralyzes its prey and then lays its egg on the victim, which remains alive while the baby wasp gradually consumes it, alive.

And now the other “wasps” want in on the same action.

GM, Ford – pretty much all of them – have decided they are All In on EVs, too. Some have taken the Kook Aid Pledge to build nothing but EVs in the near future. They are betting that the people who constitute government will make a “market” for them. That is to say, force one – on us.

Never mind that it’s becoming more and more obvious that there are only so many people who want an EV and are able to afford one. Especially as more and more people become aware of the truth about EVs – including what it actually costs (in time as well as money) to own and drive one. That if you aren’t a homeowner – with a garage – you won’t even be able to charge one, at home.

The assumption seems to be that the people who constitute the federal government will find a way to make someone else pay for it.

But the fallacy that this assumption depends upon – and that Tesla profited from – is that there is someone else to pay for it all.

What will happen when every car company is producing nothing but “zero emissions” cars and – for that reason – none of them can legally extort their competitors to finance their business via selling them “credits” they no longer need to buy in order to comply with government regulations? When everyone is being subsidized, from the head of the rotting fish all the way to its tail?

It’s a fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Ollie.

Of course, the “taxpayers” will still be paying for all of this – including for the electric cars they’ll have no other choice about buying. If they want to buy a new car. The people who constitute the government are clearly Hell-bent upon out-regulating alternatives to them and if that doesn’t work, then it’s damned likely the alternatives will simply be outlawed.

The problem there – for everyone – is that the taxpayers will be even less able to pay for the EVs most of them already can’t afford – unless the people who constitute the federal government increase the tax rebates that have been used up to now to make EVs artificially more “affordable” for the already affluent – who are the only ones who pay enough in taxes to be qualify for these tax rebates.

But that will necessitate even higher taxes – to pay for the increased and perhaps generalized rebates (i.e., the government just sends everyone a check with which to partially pay for a new EV). And that will result in a need for even more compensatory taxation.

Or inflation, which amounts to the same thing in that it fleeces the people of their wealth. And that, in turn, will result in the further ossification of the economy, because business will no longer have any interest beyond appealing to the government to keep it in business.

The people, meanwhile, will lose interest in working – because why bother when the people who constitute the government take practically everything you earn and there’s not much you’re interested in buying with what’s left over anyhow.

This is the Soviet Model.

And that appears to be the plan.

. . .

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