The Truth Will Out

  • August 19, 2023

It’s interesting to note that the EV “transition” is only about three years old – about as long as the “pandemic” took to grow old and for many people to become rightly cynical about what they were sold.

About “masks” and “vaccines” then. And charging EVs, just now.

It’s turning out to be not quite what was advertised – and people are becoming more . . . hesitant about it, as a result. A new J.D. Power study finds customer satisfaction with the EV charging infrastructure is declining.

The 2023 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging Study finds that “Despite the increase in public charging stations across the United States, customer satisfaction with public Level 2 charging has declined to 617 (on a 1,000-point scale), 16 points lower than a year ago and the lowest level since the study began in 2021.”

Shades of “safe and effective,” eh?

Level II – in EV etymology – refers to the kind of charging that is one step below Level III “fast” charging, which only takes about 6-7 times as long (about 30-45 minutes) to recover a partial (80 percent) charge as it takes to get a full tank, which you can get in about five minutes or less.

At a Level II charger, you can get a partial charge in a few hours.

And they ask me why I drink, said the Greaseman all those years ago.

How did we get to the point in this country that people are pretending there’s nothing unreasonable – nothing idiotic – about waiting 6-7 times as long (best case) to do what we used to be able to do in less than five minutes? To planning not just our trips but our lives around finding somewhere to charge and having the time to wait for it?

Probably because so many people became accustomed to pretending that walking around with a “mask” over their faces – and that it was no big deal to be pressured to wear one – wasn’t unreasonable and idiotic.

“Though purported to be the wave of the future, satisfaction with DC (direct current) fast chargers has declined even further, dropping 20 points to 654. More troubling is that satisfaction in both charging station segments has declined in nearly every attribute measured in the study. Since consumer skepticism regarding public charging availability is the primary reason vehicle shoppers reject EVs, this performance could prove to be a further hindrance to EV acceptance,” the study says.

Ayn Rand had something to say about this. Ideas have consequences. Especially idiotic ones.

The government specializes in these, chiefly because it can. Or rather – more precisely – because it can get away with it. Absent the coercive power of government, bad ideas result in failure – and the bad ideas are rejected, because failure is – what’s the word? – unsustainable.

But when bad ideas are backed by the force of government, they cannot be rejected.

They are suffered.

It is why, per my recent column on “frontovers” – i.e., people running over kids they can’t see because of the atrocious blind spots modern high-riding SUVs and crossovers have – people will continue to suffer the consequences of the atrocious blind spots modern high-riding SUVs and crossovers have. Because government will never acknowledge it was a bad idea to effectively outlaw cars people could see out of via regulations requiring cars to achieve impossible high fuel economy that artificially incentivized the mass-marketing of SUVs and crossovers. Instead, government forces more of the same – with “advanced driver assistance technologies” to crutch the problem it created.

It is why people continued to wear “masks” long after it had become obvious it was an idiotic compliance ritual.

Because government forced them to.

It is why the American taxpayer is paying the bill for “standing” with the failed state that is Ukraine – no matter how much it costs him.

“The declining customer satisfaction scores for public charging should be concerning to automakers and, more broadly, to public charging stakeholders,” says J.D. Power’s Brent Gruber. “The availability of public charging stations is still a critical obstacle, but it isn’t the only one. EV owners continue to have issues with many aspects of public charging, as the cost and speed of charging and the availability of things to do while waiting for their vehicle to charge are the least satisfying aspects. At the same time, the reliability of public chargers continues to be a problem. The situation is stuck at a level where one of every five visits ends without charging, the majority of which are due to station outages.”

Really? Do you think so?

At around the time the customers were expressing dissatisfaction, Ford CEO Jim Farley was experiencing it. He got a “reality check” – his term –  about what it’s like to drive a truck that doesn’t go very far that takes forever to get going again. “Charging has been pretty challenging,” he posted on social media. At one of many stops, he described waiting 40 minutes to recover 40 percent charge. Meanwhile, he could have pumped a full tank of gas into a non-electric F-150 and been good to go for about twice as far as a fully charged electric F-150 (the Lightning) might be able to go, if it’s not too cold or hot out. If it’s not hauling or towing anything.

Instead of asking whether all of this is a good idea, though. Farley – and J.D. Power – pretend it isn’t. “Public chargers must be placed at appropriate places,” says J.D. Power. Farley empathizes with Ford’s customers who bought into the EV idiocy – but does not tell them they (or he) ought to stop buying into it.

And they ask me why I drink.


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