The Winnowing

  • June 18, 2023

Cars with engines haven’t been outlawed – yet. But they are being made harder to get.

If you want a new Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or Ram truck in California – and 13 other states that might as well be, having adopted the anti-engine regulatory fatwas hurled by California’s Air Resources Board (which has as much to do with “air” as the drugs pushed by the Pfarma Cartels had to do with immunizing) you will have to order one.

Dealers in those states will no longer stock them. That means you won’t be able to look – or test drive – before you buy. You’ll also have to wait – as you won’t be able to buy what’s not in inventory.

In order to discourage you from buying. And not just by assuring there’s nothing for you to see, test drive – or drive home – that isn’t electric.

The idea is to make it clear that engines are unerwunscht – a German term often posted on the outskirts of German towns in the 1930s, to let certain people know they were not wanted there.

It is not merely cars – with engines – that are being given the unerwunscht treatment. It is the people who might want to buy them. They are shunted to the periphery; told their kind aren’t wanted here. Made to feel like one felt (back in the day) when if you wanted a dirty magazine, you were obliged to ask for one and the guy behind the counter gave you a knowing leer as he handed you one from behind the rack. You paid and got out of there as quickly as you could.

Same idea here.

It will be elaborated further when the excuse for this unerwunsching transitions from “carbon dioxide” – as in “emissions,” of the gas that isn’t a pollutant – to carbon, a dirty conjuring, with all the associated implied filthiness. It is interesting to observe some additional historical parallels here, i.e., that those unerwunscht people of the ’30s were also characterized as filthy.

But for now, make it hard for people who do not want to buy an electric car. Make them feel ashamed for their interest. Make it clear that their interest is . . . filthy.

The power of California’s “air resources” board across the border – of California – is astounding. It now regulates for 13 other states. These regulations having the force and effect of laws – even when they are in conflict with federal laws. As in Interstate Commerce laws. The regulations issued by CARB – and amen’d by those 13 other states, which together encompass almost 40 percent of the car-buying public – delimit each automaker’s so-called “carbon footprint,” measured in terms of how much “carbon” is “emitted” by the vehicles it offers for sale. If the “footprint” is larger than CARB regulations allow, then CARB can punish the offending automaker.

Stallantis’ “footprint” is too big – and so Stellantis has decided to make it smaller by only sending electric (and partially electric, i.e., hybrid) models to its dealers in California. The same regime will apply to Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram truck dealers in those 13 other states that have agreed to let a California bureaucratic apparat decide what people who live in these other states will be allowed to buy.

Or at least, make it harder for them to buy.

As yet, there is no effort to challenge the authority of the California apparat to regulate for other states. Which amounts to legislating for them. Probably because the current federal government is very much in sync with California’s agenda to unerwunscht every vehicle that isn’t an electric vehicle.

The Biden regime – via its regulatory apparat – has already issued a plethora of de facto laws designed to unerwunsch ever vehicle that isn’t an electric vehicle off the market, nationally. As by issuing “fuel economy” regs for 2026 that only partially electric vehicles (i.e., hybrids) stand any chance of complying with – in tandem with “emissions” regs that have nothing to do with pollution but which only fully electric cars can comply with.

California is merely the preview of what’s coming.

Stellantis – and it’s not just Stellantis – made the mistake, decades ago, of thinking that it could comply its way out what’s now here. And – for a time – it did. Engineers managed near-miracles, designing engines that emitted almost no meaningful pollution that also produced astounding power. The high water mark being the supercharged 6.2 liter Hemi V8 engine that makes more than 700 horsepower – and “emits” almost nothing that is harmful to the air or to human beings.

Naively, Stellantis thought the apparat would be appeased; it made the mistake of assuming the apparat was interested in mitigating pollution as opposed to using that as the excuse to “mitigate” – to unerwunsch – something else.

And the next mistake the industry is about to make is thinking that now – at last! – they will have complied enough to appease the apparat. That once this Great Transition has taken place, they will be let alone. That the apparat will not find new excuses to regulate, ad infinitum.

It would have been better had the industry insisted that these excuses be justified – not by alarmist rhetoric but by objective facts proving that (a) something is harmful and that (b) it is harmful enough to justify the cost of the regulations being proposed to “mitigate” the harm.

Finally, that this be done legislatively – so that those who vote for (or against) a given regulation be subject to accountability.

But that will have to wait for next time. After these times pass. Which will probably be sooner rather than later.

. . .

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