There Are No Socialists

  • November 24, 2023

It is a mistake to speak of “socialists,” for there are only authoritarians. It is the genius of people who pretend to be “socialists” that they often get people to believe they are.

And aren’t.

These “socialist” leaders invariably live very well – in large homes, of which they typically own several (viz, Barack Obama; viz Bernie Sanders). They have plenty of everything and more than that, which they say others ought not to have. They pretend to believe there is no incongruity there – and hope you believe it, too.

In order that you don’t get angry about it.

“Socialism’s” more virulent variant cloaks this imposed inequality even more adroitly. As a matter of technicality no one owns anything in a “communist” country. The handsome dachas (plural) that Jospeh Stalin lived in were technically Soviet state property. Of course, those who control the state effectively own such property – and are free to make use of it as they like.

The “abolition of private property” (italics added) takes on a new and very different meaning in this scheme of things.

Would a “socialist” – or a “communist” – advocate for either if they, themselves had to abide by its tenets? Will John Kerry surrender the Heinz Ketchup family fortune he married into, ride a bicycle rather than fly in his private jet? Will Barack Obama open his Martha’s Vineyard mansion to the have-nots, so that they will have an equal share of what he has?

Who will eat ze bugs?

And who will continue to eat steak?

It is astounding that everyone knows the answer to these questions yet so many still believe the dissonant lie that there is such as a “socialist” or a “communist.” There are only people who use the lies propounded by those doctrines to appeal to the worst instincts of people who believe they will be getting something for nothing as part of the evil bargain. But the joke is almost always on them, for the same (inverse) reason that it is impossible to cheat an honest man.

Anyone who votes to have someone else’s property taken, so that it can be given (to them, of course) has just voted to have his own property taken. But he is blind to the consequences of his own collectivist cupidity. The “socialist” (and his more direct relation, the “communist”) relies heavily upon this.

What would otherwise be the appeal? Equality of poverty doesn’t sell.

If “socialists” and “communists” were honest and told people: We are going to take everything from everyone – and we’ll be the ones in control of it all. We’ll decide who gets what (and you guess how much of that what the “socialists” and “communists” will retain for their own private use) and your job is to work for it – it is doubtful there would be very many supports of either doctrine.

And that is why they never say it.

Instead, they claim they are “socialists” – and “communists” – with a chutzpah and effrontery (in view of their own well-padded existences) that is so extreme it is hard to believe.

This is probably why so many do not believe it.

Just as many of the people who worked closely with him and knew him on a personal level could not believe that the serial killer Ted Bundy actually was a serial killer. How could it be? He worked at a women’s shelter! He seemed to care so much!

Note the seemed part.

In fact, Bundy did not care. Or rather, he did – but not about women, except insofar as how he would use (and dispose of) them. “Socialists” and “communists” such as Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama – as well as others, such as Joe Biden, who pretend they aren’t but advocate for the policies that putatively define both doctrines – are the political variant of such psychopathy. They are smart enough to not actually kill people themselves. But they are just as eager to use them – and dispose of them – while (like Bundy) pretending to care for them.

At this they all excel. The performance is extremely convincing. Watch an interview with Bundy – and then watch Joe Biden tell you (to your face) that he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings. Listen to John Kerry lecture about your “carbon footprint” as he boards his private jet. Marvel at the evil insincerity of Barack Obama unctuously bray about rising sea levels due to a “climate crisis” brought about by the burning of hydrocarbon fuels – as he repairs to his Martha’s Vineyard estate that sits 100 yards from the sea and that has thousands of pounds of hydrocarbon fuel storage tanks on the property. Which he repairs to via armored V8-powered SUV that is – technically – state property but which he has unlimited use of.

Just like another pretend-believer in “socialism” – Jospeh Stalin – who was similarly chauffeured home in a state-owned private limousine.

Believe it – or not.

. . .

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