Transhumanism, Digital Twins And Technocratic Takeover Of Bodies

  • April 19, 2024
This author cracks the Technocrat conspiracy to use the FDA to institutionalize Transhumanism. Future testing of drugs and therapies will be conducted on digital twins or directly on humans instead of animals. This is a sea change in health (dis)care, paving the for the endless use of EUAs to “approve” new drugs.

According to The American Journal of Medicine article, The FDA Modernization Act 2.0: Drug Testing in Animals is Rendered Optional:

The new law also “removes a requirement to use animal studies as part of the process to obtain a license for a biological product that is biosimilar or interchangeable with another biological product.”

The newly enacted law replaces the statute’s reference to “preclinical tests (including tests on animals)” with “nonclinical tests” that are to be “conducted in vitro, in silico, or in chemico, or a nonhuman in vivo test, that occurs before or during the clinical trial phase of the investigation of the safety and effectiveness of a drug.”

 Such tests may include the following: “(1) Cell-based assays, (2) Organ chips and microphysiological systems, (3) Computer modeling, (4) Other nonhuman or human biology-based test methods, such as bioprinting, and (5) Animal tests.”

The slight-of-hand is seen in the words “biosimilar” and “interchangeable.” Genetic scientists have long claimed that their creations are “substantially equivalent” to the original. This is worse than just misleading – it is an outright falsehood.

The bill co-sponsors opined that the era of needless suffering of animals in over — but what about the needless suffering of humans as a result of this nut-case scheme? What about the human suffering and deaths caused by the mRNA injections, where the whole human race became guinea pigs? ⁃ TN Editor

In the Covidian Era, science has moved on to a digital upgrade of itself called Scientism, the religion of science, where science is god, and part of a new global Technocracy.

“Technocracy is the science of social engineering,” says Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising.

Social engineering used to mean molding the minds of people to conform to new norms. This goes back to 1928, Ed Bernays, and his book Propaganda.  However, in a Technocracy, not only minds, but bodies, too, can be molded. If you did not get the memo, Technocracy has brought humanity from Human to Posthuman and Transhuman.

In the 2022 Journal Global Trends, Russian scientists describe the difference between Posthuman and Transhuman:

The fundamental idea of posthumanism is the rejection of biological, ethical, and ontological anthropocentrism. Transhumanism focuses on changing and improving natural human characteristics through biological, technological, and cognitive modifications…Transhumanism has the potential to preserve man as an effective economic and cognizing agent.

In other words, man as an “economic agent” refers to the cybernetic human as a commodity in a modern world. This means the laws of the nations need to change to catch up.

The U.S. FDA is meeting that goal for change with its FDA Modernization Act 2.0.  What is the FDA Modernization Act 2.0?

The new law amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act by authorizing sponsors of novel drugs to make use of “certain alternatives to animal testing, including cell-based assays and computer models, to obtain an exemption from the Food and Drug Administration to investigate the safety and effectiveness of a drug.

It is the FDA giving itself permission to transition from testing animal models to directly testing humans.

In the 2023 Journal of Clinical Investigation, authors cite a long list of excuses to change research models:

low approval rates in clinical trials
lack of efficacy in trail outcomes
high rate of failure in therapeutics
species differences between animals and humans

After decades of extrapolating animal studies to humans, suddenly animals are no longer scientifically valid. Does this transition make obsolete more than a century of animal-based research? In one sense, such a transition is long-awaited and frees innocent animals from needless torture. In another sense, it moves the mark to a new target.

Scientists now claim humans are diverse, and therefore require different models.  They propose, “human cell-based models that more accurately reflect the diversity of human genetics may guide the development of treatments that are more reliable and successful in real-world applications.”

In Scientism, humans are considered commodities.  Some Transhumanists propose transferring consciousness to a machine to create a brain-machine interface. The Russian Posthuman authors propose that consciousness may be a feature exclusive to humans. They appear not to know for sure. They state:

Accordingly, it is still possible that there is a fundamental difference between man and other objects of the world.

The new strategy is one of large-scale experiments using pooled cell lines or “cell villages” and bar codes, i.e., human commodities will receive a digital ID. With human-like neural computing, soon humanoid robots will replace humans in the workplace.  The United Nations calls this Biodigital Convergence as part of its Sustainable Goals for Smart™ cities by 2030. CeNSE is the Central Nervous System for the Earth. Networks within networks.

Personalized Medicine & Precision Public Health

Digital IDs reflect a digital avatar in Precision Healthcare. “Precision Healthcare” refers to a remote medical model of healthcare. According to a 2021 study in the Journal of Personalized Medicine:

A digital twin is a virtual model of a physical entity, with dynamic, bi-directional links between the physical entity and its corresponding twin in the digital domain.

In March 2024, Dept. of Defense (DoD) officials testified on its own priorities before the House Armed Services Subcommittee. The digital ID is a natural progression from the trend toward non-binary humans who do not identify with a specific gender.  This makes the transition, from human to digital Posthuman, effortless. All humans with a digital ID belong to an A.I., industrial (not biological) system—Transhumanism.

The rapid development of technology—in particular, artificial intelligence—accelerates the processes of industrial automation. This, in turn, raises the question of the role of man in the economy of the future: if artificial systems can more effectively perform the functions of man, then what place will man, as a potentially inefficient economic agent, take in the economy?

Studying humans in large-scale experiments has already happened. The deployment of COVID EUA medical countermeasures (MCMs), sometimes referred to as vaccines, was tested during the COVID pandemic. However, unlike vaccines, which are FDA-approved, MCMs are not. According to the CDC, MCMs include: biological products, drugs, and devices.

Be aware that MCMs are already recognized in many Federal Acts, including the 21st Century Cures Act, the Medical Countermeasures Surge Capacity Act of 2022, The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act)The Prioritizing Medical Countermeasures for National Security Act of 2023.

Testing humans in Real Time, as a digital Avatar, puts the Tele in Telehealth. It is a strategy of “emergent technology,” even though emergent technology, such as TeleMedicine, is already 10 years old.  Further, this technology prevents the need for long-term genotoxicological and carcino-toxicological vaccine studies. Any adverse events (AEs) can be released later. Or not.

For example, post-COVID, drugmaker Pfizer was court-ordered to release safety data for its BioNTech EUA ‘vaccine.’ In its first data dump of February 2021, 1300 adverse events were listed among 42,000 serious case reports. With results such as these, the dial from health to disease is turned up, as disease becomes the new normal.

Without defining, ‘modernization 2.o,’ in human terms, science and government have paved the way for a new religion in a Posthuman synthetic, digital world. To maintain the inner human is to be aware of Technocracy, and turn toward the Natural world, and the heart center.

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