Traveling VS Driving

They Protected and Served the S#!t Out of Him in TEXAS via Here’s The Deal

Youtube Account East TX Tyranny – Laz Guevara

Incident Occurred on 04/02/2023@ about 1:30am on my way home from Palestine Tx to Rye Tx I travel with no Plates or Stickers on my ride Neither Onalaska PD or Polk County PD had any interest in preserving our fundamental RIGHTS to travel that night I tried to deescalate and have a civil conversation but as we have seen time and time again, nothing is more dangerous than a fragile EGO. It ended with my window being broken, car impounded I went to jail and they took my sidearm. I was given a list of trumped up charges The arresting officer was so dumb he never even searched me after arresting me and as he was putting me in the back of his car I told him he may want to take my sidearm as I always open carry but the vest I had on was covering it, he then replies “that’s another charge” so not only did he give me a unlawful carry charge but he also threw on a resisting arrest charge body cam footage will clearly show I fully cooperated once my vehicle had been breached. We must hold these thugs accountable, I am currently looking for a good civil rights lawyer so I can file suit for depravation of rights. I was not under any influence of drugs or alcohol I was not speeding or driving reckless I even got the officer to admit on the ride to the jail that I was doing nothing wrong other than having a lack of plates on my car My window is still broken and I am still in debt to those who helped get me out on bond as well as my vehicle out of impound any help goes a long way out here, iv been living off grid in the woods for a year now ever since my family home was foreclosed, I believe in FREEDOM and the price of it, we must all continue to fight for what is RIGHT regardless of the cost because failure to do so will be much worse. I have a cash app @ $LazGuevara to anyone who wishes to support and I thank you very much for any and all of it! FREE MEN DO NOT ASK FOR PERMISSION! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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