Unprecedented: Athlete Cardiac Arrests Killed 1,310 In 2.5 Years, Injured 574

  • July 6, 2023
NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller has been chronicling sudden deaths and unexpected health events since the COVID pandemic and the mRNA therapy shots (COVID “vaccines”) started. Athletes and healthy young people with no known health issues, are falling over dead from sudden cardiac arrest after receiving injections. Many deaths showed no signs of impending collapse. As Miller notes, this is unprecedented in history.

Big Pharma propaganda has tried to minimize these statistics, claiming that heart failure is the leading cause of young athlete deaths. What they fail to explain is the manner of failure, namely, face planting with no prior indication of an impending crisis event. Most heart attacks are preceded by pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc. A victim might grab their chest, drop to one knee or fall over. Seldom is one just walking (or running) along normally and the lights instantly go out. ⁃ TN Editor

Josu García de Albeniz (25) from Spain, a Karate Fitness Gasteiz Karate exponent collapsed from a cardiac arrest at the entrance of a music festival. He later died in hospital. Alia Zuidema (21) from Michigan, a former high school basketball player died suddenly after a “medical emergency.”

In another tragic incident noted by Crispin Miller, a class 12 student of a school in Kolkata, India, died after collapsing on the campus. The girl suddenly collapsed after the assembly session around 9.30 am. “She was then attended by the school doctor who found her pulse rate to be very low. She was declared brought dead when taken to the nearby Belle Vue Clinic,” a police officer said. A case was lodged in connection with the death and the body was sent for post-mortem. “It’s still not known whether the girl was suffering from any illness. It seems that she died of a cardiac arrest, but the exact reason behind her death could be known only after the completion of the post-mortem,” the officer said.

In Ukraine, a lawyer was killed in a “vaxxident.” In Odessa, the prosecutor suddenly died at the wheel. According to local Telegram communities, an uncontrolled car rammed several parked cars. The deceased is a high-ranking law enforcement officer of the city R. Bershavsky. No age or cause of death reported.

In Russia, Theatre and cinema actor Mikhail Lozhkin, died suddenly at the age of 36. The cause of death was not noted.

In Belgium, two footballers “died suddenly.” Former football player and ex-Red Devil Cédric Roussel passed away on Saturday at the age of 45. He collapsed on a terrace in Bergen on Saturday, first aid was of no avail. And Stéphane Demol, former defender, died following a heart attack. He was aged 57.

In Germany, on 21 June a truck driver was found dead in his cab. He had parked his vehicle in a parking lot on Tuesday evening to spend the night there. The parked truck with the corpse in the cab had been discovered by local residents, who alerted the police. The man apparently died during the night of a natural death, police said. No age or cause of death was reported.

In Iceland, last Saturday morning, emergency services were notified of a discovery of a dead person. He was found on the ground by a bicycle. A doctor was on the scene and pronounced the person dead. No age or cause of death was reported.

On 28 June, Paweł Kotwica, a well-known Polish sports journalist, died suddenly during the final match of the Handball Champions League in Cologne. He fainted suddenly when his beloved team from Kielce fought for the first place with SC Magdeburg on Sunday. Several minutes before the end of the match. Despite immediate medical assistance, his life could not be saved. He was less than 51 years old.

Mark Crispen Miller’s series of lists titled ‘In memory of those who died suddenly’ for the week of 19 to 26 June goes on and on. It’s tragic to see.

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