Unsafe at Any Speed

  • February 2, 2024

Where is Ralph Nader when he might actually be useful?

It’s fascinating that the self-appointed “safety” advocate has had nothing to say about the numerous safety problems that attend the pushing of battery powered devices – EVs – onto the roads.

Including that the roads – and guardrails – were not designed to safely handle them. See for yourself what happens when a three-ton EV such as the Rivian R1T runs into a guardrail that wasn’t designed to absorb the force imparted by a three-ton device:

It tears through the guardrail as if it were made of papier mache – which it might as well be when it comes to trying to halt the progress (and arrest the kinetic energy) of a three ton device impacting it at 40 or 50 MPH.

Imagine what the impact would do to you.

Imagine what it’s going to do the insurance you’re forced to buy – even if you don’t own one of these dangerous devices. Because others do.

And you might get hit by one of them.

If you’ve recently been hit with what the insurance mafia styles an “adjustment” – which is to say, a rate hike – even though you’ve not hit anyone else, you already know all about it.

The mafia – all of the various families – has been sending out “adjustments” across-the-board. Everyone is paying more for the cost imposed by these dangerous devices. Including – inevitably – the costs incurred by your town or county for upgraded fire-fighting equipment, to deal with EV battery fires – including spontaneous combustion. In the past, a car generally had to be struck – as in an accident – before it caught fire.

But devices catch fire while parked. Including in people’s garages.

Now there’s this new cost, which we’ll all be paying for, too.

Guardrails will have to be updated – to be capable of absorbing the impact of three-ton devices. This will probably mean removing and replacing close to 100 percent of the existing guardrail infrastructure, because probably close to 100 percent of it is inadequate. Just the same as your local fire department is probably not equipped to handle a several-thousand-degree chemical fire (along with the toxic smoke produced).

The concern over the weight of electric vehicles stretches beyond vehicle-to-vehicle crashes and compatibility with guardrails,” an AP news story relates. “The extra weight will affect everything from faster wear on residential streets and driveways to vehicle tires and infrastructure like parking garages.

A lot of these parking structures were built to hold vehicles that weighed 2,000 to 4,000 pounds — not 10,000 pounds,” the AP piece observes.

Someone’s going to have to pay for all of that.

Guess who?

Beyond the cost, there’s also the meretriciousness of the saaaaaaaaaaaaafety cultists, of whom, Nader is the John the Baptist figure. This self-appointed “consumer safety advocate” – whom no one elected to “advocate” – has been as silent as the grave with regard to the serial dangers presented by battery powered devices, which establishes he’s not really “concerned” about “safety” except insofar as it is useful. As in the furtherance of an anti-car (and anti-driving) agenda.

Rest assured that if those pushing EVs are successful – and only EVs are available and only EVs are allowed – they will then be “concerned” about their “safety.”

Nader could not be shut up – when it came to the falsely maligned Chevrolet Corvair. This car was not so much “unsafe at any speed,” as Nader claimed, but simply different. It was a rear-engined car (like the VW Beetle) and so had less weight over the front wheels, which made it easy to steer without needing power steering. But it was important to maintain the factory specified tire pressure, which differed front-to-rear. Unlike most cars of the time, which were front engined and rear-drive. These latter specified the same tire pressure for all four tires. Some Corvair owners assumed it was the same with their Corvair. It wasn’t. Combine improperly inflated tires with a driver who lacked the skill to handle a rear-drive car’s handling differences and you had a dangerous situation.

The car, itself, was not.

With its tires inflated to the specified pressure and driven by someone who knew how to drive a rear-engined car, it handled better than most of the cars of its time.

Nader and his minions didn’t stop there, either. Their “advocacy” resulted in the de facto banning of (among many others) the original VW Beetle, which VW was unable to continue selling in the United States after 1979 because a car designed back in the 1930s could no longer meet the “safety” standards imposed by the federal government, which by then was loaded with people like Nader, including the air bag fraus – Joan Claybrook and (later on) Elizabeth Dole.

These two nags insisted it was “unsafe” to drive a car that lacked air bags – just as their fellow apparatchiks insisted it was “unsafe” to drive a car that lacked “5 MPH” bumpers and that had a roof strong enough to support the weight of the car if it rolled onto its roof. They also insist that all vehicles be equipped with back-up cameras because it’s possible someone might otherwise not be able to see a child in the way of their backing up (a safety problem created by impact-resistance standards that have dramatically raised up and fattened up the rear ends of modern vehicles such that it is now much harder to see what’s behind them without a camera system).

But they and theirs say nothing about the multiple dangers presented – imposed on us – by battery powered devices. The latter italicized to emphasize the fact that no one was forced to buy a rear-engined Corvair or a Beetle without air bags that might not hold up as well if you got into a wreck with it.

As opposed to the ongoing effort to force us all into close proximity with the dangerous devices called EVs.

. . .

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