VAXXED vs UNVAXXED: Numerous Bombshell Studies Find CDC Vaccination Schedule HUGELY Harmful

Greg Glaser ‘The Control Group’ Study: The Unvaccinated are the Healthiest People on the Earth

Greg Glaser is a health freedom lawyer in California. He is the lead counsel for The Control Group, a pilot survey of unvaccinated Americans that has filed Federal litigation to support the right to remain unvaccinated. He is also the General Counsel for Physicians for Informed Consent, a nonprofit organization opposed to vaccine mandates.   

Greg was recently called a ‘human vaccine encyclopedia’ for his work with the litigation team opposing the UC’s mandatory flu shot.  He is passionate about organic living and the Constitution.

The Control Group Litigation

We are disappointed the Federal courts completely ignored our unvaccinated control group’s statistically verified evidence (presented with above 99% confidence) that unvaccinated Americans are over 1,200% healthier than vaccinated Americans. As CDC schedule vaccines cause over 90% of chronic illness today in vaccinated people, and as courts turn their backs on the unvaccinated, where can the American people turn for the enforcement of basic rights? How much longer will human sacrifice be “legal” so long as the weapon is a vaccine…  continue reading…

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