Vets For Peace Vigil October 7, 2012

SGT MICAH TURNER: AWOL vet against US war in Afghanistan @ Vets For Peace Vigil 10/7/12

Video Source: Schlockumentaries

“I was in Afghanistan the night Bin Laden was killed and we asked, is the war over? Can we pack up and leave?”

US Army Sgt Micah Turner, 24 years old and four combat tours, 3 in Afghanistan and 1 in Iraq. “Our brothers and sisters are in a war, not with just the enemy but with themselves. this year, more soldiers took their own lives than the enemy did”

Sgt Turner will turn himself in to military police tonight. These were his last words as a free man. He has been AWOL to protest these wars. He has asked that we follow his incarceration and brave path on Twitter @UNOCCUPIED.

Bless you Micah, I am proud to have met you. I told you tonight that you are my son’s age and something that helped me through a terrible time this year was a quote by Nelson Mandela, “I had to go to jail to become the man I am.”

I wish you God’s speed.

(There were 75 arrests by the NYPD at the Vietnam Memorial in the pouring rain as the names of those who have died in these wars were read.)

CHRIS HEDGES “Days of Destruction” @ 11th Anniversary of Afghan War Vietnam Vets Memorial

Video Source: Schlockumentaries

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