What Used to be Just Caught a Cold

  • April 18, 2024

I caught a cold about two weeks ago. Something as noteworthy – once – as forgetting your keys. Just something that happens to pretty much everyone, every now and then. No big deal. You might mention it in passing to a friend. It didn’t move the needle much, because it was a normal part of life, like gray hairs.

Then it became something to Freak Out about. Because people were encouraged to Freak Out about it. It became almost a badge of honor to announce that one had caught a cold. It became de rigueur to Get Tested! And then make sure to announce to everyone that you had done so – and what the results (always “positive”) were.

Thus was hypochondria normalized.

People who’d previously understood that people get sick every now and then and that it’s almost always nothing to worry about began to worry obsessively about getting sick – and whether those in their vicinity might also be sick. It became the main topic of conversation – in the way that elderly people, who are almost always sick, constantly talk about their sicknesses.

The after-effects of this acute spasm of national hypochondria are now chronic and widespread. One can no longer just catch a cold. When one does, one almost cannot help thinking it might be something more than just a cold. When one mentions that one caught a cold to others, they often can’t help asking whether it’s more than just a cold.

Whether you’ve been “tested.”

I didn’t get “tested” – because I know, intellectually, it’s just a cold. Or at least, I’m rationally/reasonably confident that’s all it is because that’s all it ever was – including during the event marketed as “the pandemic.” Which was marketed much the same as the drugs that didn’t “stop the spread” were sold to people as “vaccines.”

That is to say, dishonestly and maliciously.

Rather than telling people the truth about “COVID” – i.e., that it was a cold you might catch that was extremely unlikely to kill you – people were told it was a ferociously dangerous plague that could kill on a Black Death scale.

Naturally, this terrified people who assumed that what they were being told was true.

Of course, it wasn’t – and that became obvious within a couple of months of the official launch of the event that was marketed as “the pandemic.” The bodies were not stacking up like cordwood; the hospitals were not “overwhelmed” – though some were understaffed. But rather than adjust course based on rational evaluation of the situation, the course was set – for several years to come. People were coerced into playing their role in Sickness Kabuki, wearing the accoutrements  of the pathological hypochondriac and so becoming themselves exactly that. Which is exactly what happens when you play a role for too long. It becomes part of who you are.

Or, rather, it replaces who you were.

The astounding thing – for me, personally – is that even I am affected by what I experienced. And I never once played the role expected of me. Not once during the entire “pandemic” did I “practice” any of the rituals of pathological hypochondria; nor did I wear the accoutrements of the pathological hypochondriac.

And yet, when I felt that scratch in my throat and my nose began to run a little but, I found I could not help thinking . . .

This is a measure of what’s been done to many of us – probably most if not all of us. Can anyone of us just catch a cold anymore without thinking, just a little bit, that it might be something more than just that?

Can we mention to anyone that we caught a cold without them thinking – even if they don’t say so out loud – that it might be something more than that?

God damn the people who did this to us.

. . .

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