What We Can Expect Next

  • November 21, 2023

It’s becoming very obvious that the push – just the right word, as it’s not happening freely – to “electrify” cars is getting pushback, in the form of people not buying electric cars at the rate the pushers want.

It is probably true that most of the people who wanted an electric vehicle already have one. This amounts to about 10 percent of the people, which makes sense given the expense (and limitations) of electric vehicles.

So what about the other 90 percent? Or even if it’s “only” 70 percent? There are lots of EVs being made. But that’s not the same as being sold.

Ask Ford.

Ask every automaker – Tesla excused – that’s been pushed to make EVs before there was demand to support it. The pushing grows more aggressive, too (via regulations such as the ones going into effect less than two years from now requiring every vehicle to average close to 50 MPG that have the effect of pushing anything with an engine off the market) even in the face of undeniable evidence that the willingness of people to buy EVs is nowhere near what the pushers want. Which is for almost everyone – themselves excepted, of course – to be tethered to a battery powered device that is tethered to a single, centralized power source that can be metered according the whims of the pushers.

It is becoming . . . unsustainable.

Just the same as the push to get everyone “vaccinated” lost its kinetic energy when enough people refused to accept being pushed into taking drugs they had decided for a variety of sound reasons they did not wish to take. There were too many refuseniks. And because of them, it became impossible for the pushers to sustain the lie that getting “vaccinated” was either safe or effective.

What might these pushers do when it becomes clear most people won’t be pushed into an EV, no matter how hard they push them?

The answer is obvious. The pushers will use every tool at their disposal to push people out of the alternatives to them, including the vehicles they already have, leaving them – so the pushers hope – the “choice” to drive an electric vehicle or stop driving.

The latter option being the ultimate preference of the pushers which, in their smug confidence in final victory, they have already openly admitted to.

One such means toward their desired end would be to mirror the tactic already in use that is designed to make EVs appear more “affordable” by making government rebates – currently as much as $7,500 – available to people who buy them. Get paid to buy an EV!

Of a piece with getting bribed – with a donut – to take the drugs that were never vaccines.

Of course, this does not actually make the EV more affordable; it merely masks the EV’s absurdly high costs. But that is beside the point of the shuck-and-jive, which is to gull the people into believing they are “affordable” –  until such time as there is no longer the option to buy a car that actually is affordable. Just the same as people have been gulled into believing there is such a thing as a “zero emissions” vehicle. Until it becomes convenient to notice that electric vehicles also have “emissions” – and will then be subject to the same kinds of controls that are pushing alternatives to them off the market.

In order to push EVs off the market. Wait. See.

The pushers might try to deal with the problem of “fast” charging an EV by making it take a comparably long time to gas up a non-EV.

Imagine having to wait at a pump for 20 minutes to get say five gallons of gas – the equivalent in liquid fuel terms of the partial charge a typical EV can draw at a “fast” charger in about the same time. This could easily be done by decreeing that pumps slow down the rate (or volume) at which fuel is transferred from the underground tanks into a car’s gas tank.

If you think such a thing inconceivable, remember that it was once even more inconceivable that an entire nation – just about – could be pushed into a manufactured hysteria over a sickness so mild you had to be tested to know you had it.

Never underestimate what these pushers are willing to push on us.

Or, the pushers might simply issue a “mandate” that no one may buy more than five gallons of gas per day. This has already been done, by the way – though most Americans have no memory of it because it last was done about  80 years ago, during World War II. Gasoline was rationed then – and the same could happen now. The excuse – back then – was the war.

The excuse now will probably be the “climate.”

Using the same ululation they might make gas stations themselves few – and far between – by closing most of them down. Or they could make gas extremely expensive, rendering irrelevant how little time it takes to pump it. Anyone who has the money can buy a Ferrari.

However they did it, the effect would be the same.

The gas-powered car would lose one of the greatest advantages it has over the battery-powered car, thereby pushing more people out of them – and into an EV.

Of course, even that might not be enough as the gas-powered car would still have many other advantages over EVs, including not being tethered to a single, centrally controlled source of power and having a useful lifespan twice-plus that of any battery-powered device.

It will be hard to push people out of them, shy of at bayonet-point. And the pushers may just resort to that.

Keep in mind what they’ve already resorted to. Understand what we’re dealing with.

These pushers are capable of everything – and certain to try it.

. . .

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