What’s Not Coming . . . and What Is

  • December 14, 2023

Automotive News published a story (just the right word) the other day headlined, General Motors CEO: Anti-drunken driving tech is coming.

No, it isn’t.

What’s being forced – by federal edict, courtesy of the Biden Thing – is in-car technology that will monitor driver performance. The latter is a term similar in its elastic generality to climate change. Both can mean whatever the user would like them to mean and that is exactly why those terms are used rather than something specific and thereby limited to that thing.

For example, global warming – which you may remember if you’re old enough to recall when that was the term favored by Green Communists, i.e., the people who use environmentalism (as opposed to conservationism) to push their politics of scarcity and enserfment for the masses (but never for themselves, the leadership cadre of the environmental movement).

The problem there is that global warming is too specific and thus, too limited. When the globe did not warm in accordance with the rhetoric, which became extremely heated back in the ’90s – people began to suspect the globe was not warming, as per the apocalyptic predictions of Al Gore, et al. The predictors began to appear silly – and were mocked, accordingly. This doesn’t further the agenda of scarcity and enserfment for the masses desired by rich, well-fed men such as Al Gore. Who, by the way, monologued about global warming from behind the wheel of his V8 powered Cadillac Escalade in his movie, Earth in the Balance.


So the term for the eternally just-around-the-corner apocalypse was changed to the more elastic climate change – which could encompass any “change.” Which could then be used as putative evidence of the just-around-the-corner apocalypse and we’d better “act” now. By which is always meant they “act” – to further enserf us and enrich themselves.

This is high-order etymological legerdemain and extremely effective at getting people to accept what would otherwise be intolerable.

Which brings us to what’s not “coming” – as if it were just a natural development.

And what is.

“Drunk driving technology” isn’t. Driver performance monitoring technology is. The latter is merely being marketed to the rubes as “drunk driving technology” – in the same way (and for the same essential reason) that environmental apocalypse is marketed to them as “climate change.”

So that they will accept it – without understanding what it is they’re accepting until it is too late to reject it.

If you think this isn’t so you might mull over why it is that within the meat of the edict issued by the Biden Thing the defining language is driver performance rather than “drunk driving.”

When you are forced to stop for no reason – other than you’re out for drive – at a “sobriety” checkpoint, your performance isn’t evaluated. The armed government worker subjects you to various examinations to establish whether you are “drunk” (a term that has also lost most of its prior meaning in that “drunk” can mean having had a drink – or even less, if you’re not old enough to legally drink). The point is the driver is obliged to prove he is not “drunk” to the satisfaction of the armed government worker. Not that his performance as a driver is up to snuff.

What is coming is exactly that – under the rubric of drunk driving technology. It is a technological elaboration of what already exists, piecemeal, in that if an armed government worker notices certain performances – such as your driving faster than the government says you legally may, or that you changed lanes without signaling or made a right turn at a red light, etc. – he will “pull you over.” That is, he will force you to stop using the implicit threat of state-sanctioned violence if you do not – and apply various correctives, ranging from what are styled tickets – i.e., money you must pay the government for having affronted government authority  – all the way to what is styled arrest (i.e., being manacled and put into a cage for having affronted government authority.

The problem is this is piecemeal. Drivers most “get away” with such performances – because there are comparatively few armed government workers relative to the number of drivers. Plus the fact that an alert driver can take various preemptive measures to stymie armed government workers, such as using a radar detector to avoid an encounter with one. There is also the last-resort of avoiding the encounter – by losing the armed government worker. Given the disproportionate costs of an encounter with an armed government worker – not to mention the understandable resentment that arises from being assaulted by one merely for having affronted the government authority – it is no wonder many chose to lose the armed government worker.

Such performances will become impossible when what isn’t drunk driving technology comes online in 2026, as per the edict of the Biden Thing. The car will pull you over when it decides your performance is outside bounds. And who will decide the boundaries of acceptable performance?

The very same people – in government – who have already decided you must perform at “sobriety” checkpoints, where it is required you prove you’re not “drunk” to the satisfaction of an armed government worker, despite your having given no reason to suspect that you  might be “drunk.”

An interesting facet of this business is that the Biden Thing’s edict will render owning  a performance car (as well as performance driving) as pointless as trying to eat the fake plastic food placed as decorations on dinner tables at furniture stores.

What will be the point of owning a Tesla or other EV that touts how speedy it is when use of that speed will fall afoul of driver performance standards?

EVs will then have lost their main attraction – or rather, the one that makes up for their many detractions. Would you be interested in paying Corvette money to drive a car that will pull itself over if you fail to drive it like Janet Reno drives an ’87 Yugo?

Of course, that’s just the point. Or rather, the object. They don’t want you to enjoy driving and thereby not want to. Your performance will be used to nudge you in that direction – just a little more than two years from now.

. . .

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