When the EV “Revolution” Stalls . . .

  • October 23, 2023

Sales of Ford’s F-150 Lightning are down by almost half; VW’s CEO warns of doom – for VW – if the public can’t be cajoled into buying the EV-only lineup it has already committed itself to. Even Tesla has had to resort to internally subsidizing its EVs in order to sell more of them.

These amount to what cops call clues – that the Great Transition is stalling.

Naturally, it must not be allowed to stall. So says a writer for the car site, Jalopnik – which (oddly) seems to regard cars and those who like them with contempt. The writer – Rory Carroll – says that “allowing the ‘free market’ (bracketed within air fingers contempt marks) to decide if (sic) EVs take off seems a little risky.”

In other words, the people buying cars cannot be allowed to choose for themselves which cars best suit their needs – and finances.

It is not enough – for car journalists (sic) such as Carroll and the people who agree with him – that they are free to choose whatever kind of car suits their needs – and finances. Everyone else must be cornholed into “choosing” – air-fingers-quote marks properly applied – the kind of car that suits them, no matter what it costs us.

This cost is a necessary one, says Carroll – because to not be forced to buy an electric vehicle is like the horror of allowing people to choose whether to wear an idiot rag, aka the Face Diaper that people like Carroll similarly insisted everyone should be be forced to wear.

Rory Carroll

He writes:

Living through Covid, where Americans more or less chose/are choosing to ignore a pandemic and do little to nothing in response didn’t make me more confident that they’d be inclined to respond when faced with extinction.

“Faced with extinction”?

What he means is that if the 0.04 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere that is carbon dioxide increases by a fraction of that fraction of a percent, we are “faced with extinction.” His solution is to force everyone to drive a vehicle that requires an additional 1,000 pounds of toxic material – which requires many times that in raw materials be extracted from the Earth and processed into finished material (i.e., the battery) – so that the resultant battery-powered device can accelerate from 0-60 in less than 4 seconds.

There, in a nutshell, you have the mindset of the people who are ruining cars and the fun of driving them. And some of them write for car publications – which tells you a lot about the state of car journalism these days

Of course, Carroll knows the truth – which is that few will ever be able to afford a vehicle that can accelerate to 60 in less than 4 seconds because few can afford to spend the $50k-plus such luxury-performance vehicles sell for.

Mark the italics.

We are “faced with extinction” – but Carroll is not concerned about the fact that almost all of the battery-powered devices being force-fed into a “market” created by mandates are specifically designed to be wasteful of raw materials and energy, in order to be luxurious and high-performance (albeit short-lived performers that suck energy as lustily as a ’69 Chrysler Newport).

That’s because Carroll knows perfectly well that electric vehicles are meant to be elitist vehicles – for the few people who can afford them. Emphasis upon few. Carroll and those who think as he does think driving is bad  – and that you should do it less often.

Emphasis on you.

Americans are literally experiencing climate crisis right now,” he writes.


A writer ought to be more careful with the words he uses. He ought to understand what they mean before he chooses to use them.

How are Americans literally “experiencing a climate crisis right now”?

There is a desperate – yet hysteric -lack of specificity that’s interestingly of-a-piece with the equally desperate/hysteric assertions made during the (cough) “pandemic” about “asymptomatic spreaders” and the horrendously irresponsible choice to not wear an Idiot Rag. It is very revelatory of the mindset of these people.

Or – rather – what it is they have in mind, for you.

He writes – he adulates – the governments of other countries that have forced battery-powered devices onto the “market” they’ve destroyed thereby and derides the federal government of this country, which he says is “(in)capable of intervening when the market fails to deliver desired outcomes.” 

Incapable of intervening? Can someone please pour me a few fingers of Scotch?

Desired outcomes?

Says who?

Says people like Carroll, of course!

Such people say – think – that only the “outcomes” they “desire” are desirable. By which they mean, only they are moral. They believe they have the right to force you to choose what they consider to be desirable because they believe it is necessary – because they believe any other choice is dangerous.

They thus combine arrogance with a deranged quasi-religious righteousness that regards any questioning of the doctrine as heresy that must be extirpated.

At least Carroll comes clean about what he’s really thinking. He writes: “I personally think we need to be thinking in terms of radically reimagining and drastically shrinking the global vehicle fleet as opposed to just replacing todays fleet with an electric one.”

And there you have it – straight from the pages of a car page.

And they ask me why I drink . . .

. . .

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