Where Are The Three Amigos?

  • July 29, 2023

Have you noticed the Three Amigos have dropped out of sight? Not Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short, from the eponymous movie – but the three amigos. Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and George Soros.

All of them have gone very quiet all-of-a-sudden. Probably for the same reason that roaches run back under the refrigerator when you turn on the lights in the kitchen. They have been exposed.

Or rather, they got too much exposure.

This they probably did not plan on.

In the past – as in before the Internet – creatures such as they were able to do their work in darkness, largely unnoticed. Outside of policy wonk and “conspiracy” circles, few knew about the WEF and similar organizations, such as the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. The private clubs of the world’s ultra-rich who are by dint of that ultra-powerful because they have the means to buy the politicians the people are allowed to believe “represent” them – rather than represent the interests of those who bought their services. This happy arrangement was kept in the dark by the “media,” which was also bought by these same very rich people, who own controlling interests in the six or so corporations that own the “media.”

It’s very easy to get your “message” out this way. And to suppress any news that might undermine the “message.”

Bu then along came the Internet. And independent journalism, often taking the form of podcasts and web sites that these very rich interests had – and have – no control over. It is precisely why there was a concerted rictus of corporate outrage over what was styled “misinformation” when the truth was told.

Or the lies questioned.

And the people revealed.

Almost everyone now knows who George Soros and Klaus Schwab are – and what the WEF (and Bill Gates) are up to. They have heard about how they’re going to own nothing and supposedly be happy when these rich would-be World Controllers own everything. They have heard about eating ze bugs. They know they were lied to about “masks” and “vaccines” and pretty much everything about the “pandemic,” which many also know was “gamed” by these same would-be World Controllers just a few months before the real-but-fake one unfolded as if on cue, almost exactly as the “gamed” one did.

Abraham Lincoln was a also an Amigo – but he was honest (for once) when he said you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. Especially when you’ve lost control of the means by which people are fooled.

Fox News dumped Tucker Carlson – and people know exactly why. More people are listening to him now than were. Everyone who has a laptop has the means to broadcast on equal terms with CNN – and anyone who has a laptop does not have to watch CNN.

It is all very bad news for the Three Amigos.

The last year or so have been especially hard on them, just the same as boric acid is on roaches. What they thought they said to small groups of like-minded people whom they trusted to keep to themselves has filtered out to millions of people. The “message” they thought they could control has been countermanded by truth – and the latter has sounded the alarm.

It’s no wonder the Three Amigos have gone into hiding – not unlike the way pedophile priests were quietly sent to some remote monastery and here’s-hoping-people-just-forget-all-about-them.

People have had enough. One can feel the pulsing hate for these creeps, whose contempt for us has been unmasked and so their machinations exposed. We not only know who they are.

We understand what they are up to.

And that is very bad news for the Amigos.

. . .

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