Where to Start?

  • October 19, 2023

If you’re opposed to the Left, you have probably wondered – how to stop its seemingly inexorable advance?

There’s a simple answer: Stop agreeing with it.

The same goes for the Right, by the way – which regularly agrees with the Left. That’s why the Left progresses, while the Right conserves next-to-nothing.

For example, the Right – conservatives – will readily abandon any pretense of desiring a smaller, less expensive, less intrusive government when the government tells them it’s time to go to war. Even when the war is not America’s war – and when the government is under the control of the Left. Viz, the embarrassing (and depressing) “standing” with Ukraine – and now, Israel – by many conservatives. Who aren’t conserving anything thereby.

Just wait if the war metastasizes and Joe Biden becomes a “war president.” The Right will fall into line behind the Left. There will be no more talk of the Left’s crimes – because “we’re all in this together.”

The Left has used “the schools” to indoctrinate at least the past two generations of young people – Millennials and Gen Z – with the doctrines of the Left. And the Right has helped to finance it – by steadfastly raising (and defending) the property taxes used to finance “the schools,” which many conservatives support as avidly as they do the military and its “civilian” adjunct, law enforcement. Many conservatives love the law – as such – and those who enforce it. They “back the blue” – even though it’s generally black (like the Gestapo) nowadays and far more like the Gestapo in fact as well as appearance.

The Left uses the Right’s love of the law to further Leftism. For example, the use of law-enforcers to enforce the Left’s “mandates” and “guidance” during the “pandemic.” It was not Leftists who closed down non-corporate small businesses such as my friend’s little restaurant; it was the enforcers of the law – no matter that no laws had actually been passed. The enforcers – beloved by conservatives – were sicced on conservatives, who still love them.

Thank you, sir! May I have another?

The Right supports the “war” on some drugs. The Left supports forcing people to take drugs. The Left says it supports “choice,” but only in certain cases. It does not support the right to choose whether to wear a seatbelt – or buy an air bag.

The Right says “buckle up for safety.” Both the Right and the Left say it’s ok to stop people who just happen to be driving and require them to prove they are not “drunk.”

The Right turned America into a “Homeland.” The Left now has control of it.

This is what comes of the Right’s not understanding the danger of agreeing with the Left. And of emulating it.

There is also the matter of being afraid of offending the Left. This is a fatal weakness because the Left is always offended. Grievance is the essence of Leftism. It is the philosophy of the angry child who wants – and if he does not get, he gets mad. To palliate his percolating anger, the parent mollifies him by giving in to him.

The result is a spoiled brat.

The Right has succeeded in creating a nation of them, by fearing the tantrums of the Left. And by losing any standing to say No to the Left, having agreed with it.

It is both absurd and cynical to make a fuss about the Left using the tax-power of the state to pay for “benefits” given to people who do not work while at the same time supporting the state’s taxing of people who work, to pay for the “benefits” of those no longer working. The fact that they were made to pay for the “benefits” of people who were not working when they were working was just as wrong, but that wrong is not made into a right by using the government to force people who are working now to finance “benefits” for those currently not working.

If you would not take someone else’s money yourself, then don’t support it being taken for your benefit by the state.

If you want to be left in peace, leave others in peace. Even if you do not like them. Even if you do not like what they’re doing. So long as whatever they’re doing isn’t causing you harm.

If you don’t want to be held responsible for what other people do – that you didn’t do –  don’t hold other people responsible for what they haven’t done – even if you worry they might do it. Let them be until they actually do – and when they do, only hold them (and not others) responsible.

If you want to help someone else, help them. Do not support forcing anyone else to “help.” If only because if you do, then you, in turn, will inevitably be forced to “help,” too.

Think for yourself. Weigh risk – and assume responsibility – for yourself. Respect the right of everyone else to do the same.

That’s how you stymie the Left.

And the Right.

. . .

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