Why is Orange Man Bad?

  • January 6, 2024

What is so bad about the man with the orange tan? Why does he trigger people with blue hair so?

We all know why.

It is not so much the Orange Man himself but rather what Orange Man has awakened. Specifically, the consciousness that America – the traditional conception of it as a nation-state that puts its people first – is being deliberately undermined by people who see America as a kind of administrative district of their hoped-for World State, one modeled on the old Roman empire, in which all peoples co-mingled but were all beholden to the same central authority. More recent expressions of this concept were the Austro-Hungarian empire of the Hapsburgs and (not long after) the formation of the European Union. The latter having transformed the once-distinct nation-states of Germany, France and other “members” into what the once-independent states – plural – of these United States were before the consolidation of the American empire after the “rebellious” states of the Southern Confederacy sought to assert their independence.

Well, Trump – in his way – is also “rebellious.” Or – more finely – he conjures a rebellious spirt, in traditional Americans.

And that likely explains why the blue (and purple) haired are so triggered by the Orange Man. The former are militantly obedient – as we saw during the event that was marketed as a “pandemic” – and that was used by the militantly obedient to get rid of the man with the orange tan. They were not only eager to obey, they were determined to make sure everyone else did, too. This was so not only with regard to the wearing of the face burqas (which went beyond mere obedience in that people had to show they “agreed” with what they were being made to do) but also with regard to the parameters of allowable opinion and even of fact.

The Orange Man excited opposition to obedience, especially as regards the parameters of allowable opinion. He may have done essentially nothing to prevent the blue-and-purple hairs from stealing the election but what he did do was engender widespread suspicion publicly expressed that the election was stolen. This is absolutely intolerable Thought Crime, in the words of Orwell. The sanctity – just the right word, with all the religious connotations – of authority may never be questioned.

At least, not when authority is in the hands of the Left.

Trump, himself, is also an authoritarian. But his authoritarianism is of the nationalist variety and that is the only form of authoritarianism the Left (and the establishment “Right,” which is just Left-lite) dislikes, for it is at odds with their goal of erecting a world-wide authoritarian state in which “diversity” is their strength, via the unmooring of peoples to their common culture, kith and kin – thereby rendering them atomized bipedal widgets to be moved around a kind of immense chessboard, controlled by the World Controllers.

Trump – the phenomenon – is a percolating, inchoate resistance to this, in the manner of the instinct for self-preservation that is innate in every healthy animal. Americans understand, even if many cannot (or dare not) articulate it that they are in the position of the American Indians circa 1870.

The reservation looms.

Possibly, something worse.

The Indians ended up on the rez because they were unable to unite against their common foe – which (from their point-of-view) they ought to have done much sooner than 1870. If they had done it circa 1620, America might still be Indian country. There is a hard lesson to be learned from their experience.

Imagine how . . . triggered the ruling claque of the just-consolidated American empire would have been if the Indians had an Orange Man among them, who conjured a “rebellious” spirit and caused the disparate tribes to question what was being done to them and caused them to resist it as a bloc rather than individual tribes, picked off one-by-one.

Instead, the Indians were led to the rez by some of their own chiefs, the Mitt Romneys and George W. Bushes of their peoples – who scolded them for clinging to their traditional ways and for desiring to keep their land rather than give it away to interlopers.

It is absolutely fascinating that the Left (and the Left-lite) is, on the one hand, apologetic to the extremes of unction over what was done to the Indians of America yet triggered into apoplexy whenever it is suggested that the same not be done to Americans; that Americans have a right to put themselves and their interests first.

Trump Derangement Syndrome lies in this duplicitous dichotomy. The Left isn’t just triggered. It is suicidal-homicidal.

And the Left-lite is complicit in this murder-suicide pact, awareness of which Trump has triggered.

. . .

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