Will Any of Them Take the Pledge?

  • August 26, 2023

The people running for office always tell us what they’re going to do to us if elected by enough of us. Which they frame as things they are going to do for us – as if all of us wanted them to do it.

How about for once they agree to promise not to do something to any of us?

If I am elected, I will never support “locking down” Americans because I do not believe in making America into a prison. That is the only place where “lock downs” are justifiable in a free society. 

If I am elected, I will never support forcing any American to wear a “mask” nor submit to any “guidelines” set forth without due process of law. 

If I am elected, I will never support forcing any American to take any drug or submit to any kind of medical procedure that is contrary to their will. The right to control one’s own body is a moral absolute that must never be violated. 

And how about all of us pledge to not vote for any person who doesn’t make that promise?

Especially those of us who opposed the “lock downs” and forced “masking” and drug-pushing. Do we want to experience any of that again?

Then let’s not vote for it, ever again.

Especially as regards the Orange Man – who is the one man who ought to understand by now what “locking down” the country and “masking” and drug-pushing was really all about. And who ought to be for that reason the most ready to take the pledge that he will never be party to any of those things ever again.

Had it not not been for those things, that man would not be running for office again. He would be in office. It was the “lock downs” that led to what is in office right now – via the transformation of Election Day into Election Months and voting in-person for most people into majority absentee balloting. The Orange Man ought to have seen it coming. If he does not see it now – and doesn’t publicly state that he will never allow such a thing to happen again – then anyone who votes for him ought not to be surprised when the same things happen again.

Including the drug pushing.

Orange Man pushed them hard. He still defends having pushed them. This ought to bother anyone who resented all of the drug-pushing, which was pushed even harder by the man who replaced the Orange Man – who was able to replace him because the Orange Man let him do it. See the point above about allowing mass absentee balloting and Election Months rather than Election Day.

Interestingly, the one candidate to replace the current Thing that has all-but-taken the Pledge is a Democrat. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has spent decades challenging the “safety” and “effectiveness” of the drugs being pushed by the pharmaceutical industry. The industry that most Democrats once regarded with appropriate suspicion. But that was before the Democratic Party was taken over by Marxists, for whom anything that serves to increase the power of the state over the people is in the interests of Marxism.

But many Democrats aren’t Marxists – and neither is RFK, Jr. He may prove to be the one who ends up doing what the Orange Man didn’t – and probably won’t. That being to promise the American people he would never attempt to push drugs on them. Nor use the power of the government to force anyone to practice bizarre rituals such as “mask” wearing.

He is also, probably, the least likely to attempt to “lock down” the country – over sickness psychosis or climate hysteria. Orange Man – and all the others who haven’t yet repudiated the “lock downs” already imposed haven’t established the basis for repudiating the climate “lock downs” that are no doubt in the works.

One cannot effectively fight a thing one has already conceded to be “necessary.”

If it was “necessary” to “lock down” the country over a respiratory bug that didn’t kill 99 percent of the otherwise healthy population, why is it not “necessary” to “lock down” the country over a supposed 1 percent uptick in the average temperature?

People who support the Orange Man and want to be believe the Orange Man would never allow such a thing ought to remember what the Orange Man did allow – and what he has yet to foreswear and promise he will never allow to happen again.

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