“X” is Still Twitter

  • December 15, 2023

Elon Musk says he is for free speech but X – which is what Musk rebranded Twitter as when he bought it – still suppresses speech.

So it’s still the same old Twitter.

With a worrisome difference. Many people have been being gulled into believing X is different. At least when it was Twitter, everyone knew that the Leftists who controlled it were not in favor of free speech if it disagreed with or questioned anything the Left believed.

I myself believed – or rather, hoped – that X would be what Twitter wasn’t. My hopes have been dashed. X continues to shadow ban the links and comments I post, meaning almost no one sees my comments or posts but I am left with the impression that I posted links and comments, having posted them.

It is very clever.

You think you’re communicating with the people who have followed you but your followers have no idea you’ve just tried to communicate because they don’t receive notifications you’ve posted. These are turned off – and on – by the Al Gore Ithym used by X/Twitter to discreetly suppress speech by (in effect) having you talk to the hand.

Keep in mind this “hand” is an intercession between you and the people who want to communicate with you; i.e., the people who follow you. Twitter/X – it goes both ways because it’s the same thing, regardless – decides that whatever you just posted is something those who follow you ought not to see.

And so, they don’t. 

I have a bigger window into how it works because I’m more visible – being a commentator with a fairly large audience. I can tell when I’m being shadow banned because it’s obvious. When the Al Gore Ithym allows people to see what I’ve posted, I’ll get 20-plus notifications within 24 hours. Next day, the Al Gore Ithym is on – and I get none. Zero. This is improbable as a natural ebb and flow of response. Three or four vs. 20-plus, ok. Maybe.

But not 20-plus one day and zero the next.

This occurs regularly. It isn’t just happenstance. Because it can’t be happenstance.

I have also noticed – kluge hans – that when I first load X/Twitter, I will momentarily see notifications pending that then disappear, at the same moment an obnoxious pop-up appears, advising me that I am “in control” of how many ads Twitter/X pelts me with by electing to choose which ads I am pelted with. I just close X/Twitter (without clicking which ads I “choose” to be pelted with) and reload.

Voila! The notifications reappear.

When they’re allowed to.

Speaking of allowed – as regards free speech . . .

When I attempted to speak freely in response to a comment (and video clip) left by the actor James Woods showing a young thug “performing” at an airport terminal while Face Diapered submissives inertly watched, my speech was overtly suppressed.

“Your post was detected by our systems and has had its visibility limited for violating X rules.”

These rules say I may not “Promote violence” – which I never have – nor “threaten” – which I didn’t and never have – or “harass on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or serious disease.”

My italics added.

“Harass” – in the lexicon of the Left, which is obviously still controlled by the Left – is taken as functionally synonymous with annoy. As in, a Leftist doesn’t like it. It is not enough – for the Left – that no one is obliged to read that which is annoying to the Left (or to anyone, for that matter). Nor that anyone who is annoyed can respond. That is to say, can speak freely.

The person who annoys the sensibilities of the Left is guilty of harassment and must be suppressed.

Never mind I didn’t follow anyone around berating them much less threatening them.

But the real point here is the implicit one. If Twitter/X can (and has) “limited the reach” of one of my posts, it can “limit the reach” of any of them. Anytime it likes. Just without the courtesy of a notification.

So much for “X” being a Free Speech Zone. And so much for Musk and his pretending to be an advocate for the same.

. . .

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