You’ll Get a Charge Out of This . . . Or Maybe Not

  • September 4, 2023

IBM, the company that helped keep track of the trains (and people) headed to the east during the late unpleasantness in Germany, has filed a patent for a new system to keep track of EVs – and whether people will be allowed to charge them – according to their social credit score.

The latter being a system that the Chinese government uses to make sure people in China are Good Germans, by rewarding “good behavior” – that is, obedience – and punishing “bad behavior,” i.e., disobedience. If you fail to exhibit the proper attitude – and actions – you’re locked down, economically. Electronically.


You face (or phone) is scanned and then you’re allowed to buy a soda from a vending machine – or not – depending on how good a German you are. And it’s much more than being allowed to get a soda from a biometrically controlled vending machine. Your ability to travel is likewise metered according to how obedient – or not – you’ve been.

The same is in the works for us and IBM is a key player, as it was in Germany all those years ago.

As an aside, is it not interesting that while the political figureheads of the German Reich were put on trial – and several hanged – there were no trials for complicit corporations such as Thyssen, Krupp, Beyer, Rheinmetall – or IBM? James Watson, the CEO of IBM, received a medal – the Order of the Eagle – from Der Fuhrer himself. For his “service to the Reich.”

These “services” included providing the Reich with IBM’s Hollerith punch-card reading machines, which were basically mechanical computers. Each card fed into the machine had standardized holes; these were used to catalog the specific traits of individual people. Jews and other undesirable people were sorted in this manner – and their dispositions arranged. Each punch card served as “a nineteenth-century bar code for human beings.” The way it worked was detailed at length in Edwin Black’s 2001 book, IBM and the Holocaust.

Watson died in his bed of natural causes in 1956.

Corporations enjoy a kind of diplomatic immunity – the best that billions can buy – that ordinary people do not. So also the highest-ups that run these corporations. Including the grandfather of “The Decider,” George W. Bush. The assets of the companies involved in the grandfather’s shenanigans were eventually seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act. But Prescott Bush never sat in the dock. He sat in the Senate, from 1952-1963. He was also instrumental (financially) in the rise of one Richard M. Nixon, who more than any other Republican accelerated the merger of corporations and government (viz, HMOs).

Government can be very good business.

Anyhow, back to the business at hand.

IBM’s patent application goes into great detail about making EV charging more . . . efficient. Just like those trains headed east. Via use of what amounts to real-time monitoring of EVs and collating of information about who is charging an EV, where and when. “User behavior information” would be collected for the express purpose (it’s literally stated in black and white) of “establish(ing) a social score model of users in the charging system” that would “reward users with favorable social scores with early notification of charging station availability and optimal waiting location identification.”

The latter may sound less malignant than the former – hey, they are just trying to make it easier and faster to charge up! – but that misses the implicit threat contained in the former, that bit about “user behavior information.”

Not to mention the mentioning of social credit scoring.

It is clear what’s intended. People’s “behavior information” will serve as the basis for their social credit score and that will serve as the basis for their being allowed to drive, via allowing them to charge.

Or not.

What do you suppose people’s social credit score will be based upon? The mere fact that “user behavior information” is to be kept track of and collated by a creepy corporation in bed with creepy government – both run by the creepiest people imaginable – ought to raise the same alarm in people that the sight of a wolf pack does for a moose. He understands what the intentions of the wolves are toward him.

And so should we.

There is a reason for this push to “electrify” everything. It is to control everything, by controlling the one allowable source of energy, which is already very much under the control of the creepy people pushing for the “electrification” of everything – not just cars – because it is much easier to meter electricity, which can much more easily be turned off or on at the whim of these creepy people.

Why do you suppose there has been this push for “smart meters” – and “connected” appliances?

EVs are just another kind of appliance. They are the vehicle for controlling your driving – via controlling when, where and how much you’re allowed to charge it. Or whether you’ll be allowed to charge it, at all.

Please stand here. Approach the retinal scanner. Sorry.

Access denied.

. . .

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