“Zero Emissions Zones”

  • October 6, 2023

The Chimp turned free speech – the idea that people had a right to speak their minds anywhere they liked, or at least, anywhere in public – into a conditional privilege people were allowed to exercise in zones.

Speech was thus corralled, in the manner of cattle.

California appears to on the verge of becoming the first state in the United States to do the same to cars – and driving.

If you do not drive a government-approved EV.

These – and these alone – will be allowed to proceed into (and transit through) Zero Emissions Zones, which will be anywhere the state’s regulatory apparat says:

“These zones could be at the city level involving all vehicles or focused on and encouraging the adoption of zero emissions delivery trucks through localized green loading zones that preferentially allow zero emissions deliveries or green logistic zones that restrict internal combustion delivery trucks at certain times and locations such as those in effect in Shenzhen, China.”

Italics added.  To emphasize the Chyna model that the California Air Resources Board used to promulgate the regulations that will be used to out-regulate vehicles that aren’t government-approved EVs. These are the only vehicles that qualify under the regulations as “zero emissions,” even though their manufacture and use generates more “emissions” in the aggregate and far more resource-wastage (viz, the massive quantity of raw materials that must be extracted from the earth and then refined and made into such things as the massive battery packs that store electricity in an EV).

Never mind that.

The thing that matters – in terms of the regulations being floated by CARB, which will no doubt be copied by the regulatory apparat of other states, just as many states have already done with regard to other regulatory fatwas issued by CARB, such as those pertaining to adopting “California” standards for the vehicles that may be sold in those states – is the excuse.

Only vehicles that qualify as “zero emissions” (irrespective of their actual aggregate emissions) will be allowed within the Zones. And that is how the regulatory apparat will get rid of every vehicle that isn’t a government-approved “zero emissions” vehicle. Not by outlawing those that aren’t.

Just as The Chimp did not actually outlaw free speech.

Rather by making it so you can’t use your vehicle, if it’s not a government-approved “zero emissions” electric vehicle. What will be the point of keeping it when you can’t drive it to work or wherever else you’d like or need to go?

It’s genius.

It’s also something else. The CARB proposal goes on to state that Zero Emissions Zones “should be designed with equity considerations, to minimize the the exposure of sensitive populations to air pollution.”

Italics added, again.

“Equity considerations” – an interesting usage given that only affluent people can afford a “zero emissions” electric vehicle. As a practical matter, CARB’s “zoning” will mean only certain sensitive people will enjoy the privilege of car ownership.

That isn’t very equitable, is it?

As is almost axiomatic when it comes to Leftist etymology, a word used by the Left can reliably be assumed to mean the opposite of the commonly understood meaning. Examples include the recent use of “pandemic,” a word that most people have generally understood to mean a mass death event. A sickness that can and very probably will kill everyone who gets sick. Like the Black Death.

It was used to foment panic over a respiratory bug that didn’t result in death for just shy of 100 percent of the otherwise healthy and-not-elderly people who caught it.

Also “vaccine,” which most people take to mean that which immunizes the recipient. If Leftists had told people the truth about these drugs – that, at best, they might “reduce the severity of symptoms” but would do nothing to “stop the spread” – how many would have taken them?

“Air pollution” is another such example of etymological misdirection. Burning gas in a combustion engine does result in the “emission” of carbon dioxide gas, but this gas has literally nothing at all to do with air pollution. It is said to trigger “climate change,” another example of etymological legerdemain in that it means nothing, exactly – other than change,” whatever that means.

But to associate it in any way with air pollution is a deliberate and vicious lie.

Of a piece with “asymptomatic spreader.”

CARB also seeks “explicit authority” to “implement equitable pricing mechanisms that favor pooling and ZEVs in a way that meets the needs of priority populations.”

Certain “populations” are to receive special privileges. So much for the equal (as opposed to equitable) protection of the law. And it hardly requires dissection to comprehend what is intended by “pooling” and “meets the needs.” It means government mass transit for the “priority populations,” which means the no-longer-driving Proletariat.

That will meet the needs  . . . of the governing elltes.

Those who wish to continue driving their own cars that aren’t government-approved electric cars are to be de-prioritized.

This brings us to the other aspect of this, which is the warning shot fired in the direction of California residents who own old cars and specifically models made before the advent of computer-controlled (and so harder for the governing elites to control) vehicles.

They were set a “survey” about their cars and their driving habits and where they drive them. This “survey” is analogous to registration of firearms in that it is the prequel to regulating them – in italics to emphasize that the intent is to restrict them using regulations and thus effectively ban them without actually outlawing them.

“Approximately how many miles does your MY 1978 or older vehicle get driven in a year? Please specify.” 

“How often is your MY 1978 or older vehicle driven?”

California’s slick-haired governor recently imposed new regulations on guns – and massive taxes on ammunition. This serves to make it much harder for non-criminals to obtain a firearm and more to the point, increasingly pointless to own one, if you are not a criminal.  What is the point, after all, of owning a gun you aren’t allowed to carry practically anywhere?

What is the point of owning a classic car you aren’t allowed to drive anywhere? One you’ll still be required to pay taxes and buy insurance for as a condition of being allowed to keep it?

And that, you see, is precisely the point.

. . .

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